My Dear Succubus - 1995 - Adipocere
Greyscales - 2000 - Nocturnal
Soulshine - 2004 - Black Bards

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S= Carcase Inc., Saattue>>TUUKKA KOSKINEN>>Carcase Inc., Saattue
G= Medieval Art>>JUHANA STOLT>>Medieval Art - JANI KOSKELA
D= Jaane Peltoranta - Euthanausea>>MARKO JOKINEN>>Euthanausea

Let Me Dream is a longstanding/low output Finnish gothic metal band that was originally formed in 1989 as Congestion. Singer and guitarist Jani Koskela and drummer Janne Peltoranta formed the band. This band issued a demo called Bed Of The Ancient River in 1993. The Finns obtained a contract from France’s Adipocere records before changing names to Let Me Dream. Following its debut a demo CD, called Medley Rain, is issued through the band’s Succubus Records in 1998. Guitarist Juhana Stolt also joined the band at this juncture. Koskela would concentrate on his guitar opening up the vocals slot for Koskinen.
Greyscales is supported through shows with Ancient Rites and Finntroll. Jokinen takes the drum stool from Peltoranta. Soulshine, originally issued by the band in 2004, is picked up by Black Bards Entertainment in 2006.


Let Me Dream is a Finnish band originally formed as far back as 1989. The patient band has had an album called My Dear Succubus released by Adipocere Records in 1995 and has had several independent CDs since as well. The sextet's latest release is a nine-song disc with music that is not a favourite at Metallian Towers, but is nonetheless well-played and accomplished. Gothic metal is goth music's impure cousin and that is what Let Me Dream delivers. The vocals are a cross between the typical Finnish screams and Sisters Of Mercy, while the music is probably influenced by Cradle Of Filth, Graveworm and Atrocity. It is not exactly heavy, but this sub-genre has its fans and Let Me Dream is not as bad as some other acts in the category. The demo's best song is probably track number nine Autumn Twilight. Write to or look into the band at - Ali "The Metallian"


Let Me Dream