Deceiver>>LIEGE LORD - USA

Freedom’s Rise - 1985 - Black Dragon
Burn To My Touch - 1987 - Metal Blade
Master Control - 1988 - Metal Blade

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S= Andy Michaud - Ramrod, Overkill, Annihilator, Tad Morose, Painmuseum, Duskmachine>>JOE COMEAU>>Ramrod, Overkill, Annihilator, Tad Morose, Painmuseum, Duskmachine
G= Turtle Head, Upwards Of Endtime >>TONY TRUGLIO>>Turtle Head, Upwards Of Endtime - Pete McCarthy - Paul Nelson>>B-Stools, Solo, Vinyl Signs, Look, Johnny Winter, Katrina Chester Band
D= Frank Cortese>>Turtle Head

Liege Lord was formed in Connecticut in 1983 and would go on to become a prime example of the US metal sound. Before that though the band operated as Deceiver playing Judas Priest cover songs locally.

A 1985 demo lead to a deal and the debut album. The originating labels were Ironworks in America and Black Dragon in Europe with the latter having a much better jacket. The group began working with Metal Blade starting with the 1987 EP Black Lit Lights. Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult produced Burn To My Touch. Album number three was produced by Terry Date. The band broke up in 1990, but reformed in 2000 to play Wacken Open Air. Comeau would play guitar in Overkill and later sing for Annihilator.

A reunited Liege Lord was to play the Keep It True XVI festival, taking place April 19-20th, 2013 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. The band’s original members Joe Comeau (vocals), Tony Truglio (guitars) and Matt Vinci (bass) were to perform music from Master Control, Freedom's Rise and Burn To My Touch albums. Frank Gilchriest (Riot and Virgin Steele) was the drummer between 2013 and 2018. Van Williams (Nevermore) replaced him. Liege Lord was booked for the Pyrenean Warriors Open Air VI in Spain alongside Raptore, Saracen and others in 2022. The band was simultaneously demoing material.



Liege Lord