Genesis - 2012 - King
Scenes Of Infinity - 2013 - King
Monument – 2014 - King

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S= Dragon Guardian, Unlucky Morpheus, Doll$boxx>>FUKI [FUYUKI TENGE]>>Unlucky Morpheus, Doll$boxx, Fuki Commune

G= Art Of Gradation>>Seiya>>Art Of Gradation –摩天楼オペラ>>Jay>>摩天楼オペラ, 摩天楼オペラ, JaY BoY

B= Nova-Era, Alhambra, Dragon Guardian, Saber Tiger>>HIBIKI>>Alhambra, Dragon Guardian, Mardelas, Silex, Saber Tiger, Mepistopheles, Solo

D= Velladonna>>Satoru Mikawa>>Art Of Gradation - Saber Tiger>>YUMI [YUMIDA HIDEAKI]>>Mardelas


History & Biography
Tokyo, Japan’s Light Bringer began its God complex in 2005. Hibiki was the founder. Fuki introduced Mao to the band. The bands 1st Demo establishing its pomp rock sound was issued in 2006. Overture and Episode quickly followed. Heartful Message was an EP by Black-Listed Productions issued in late 2007. Guitarist Hide left and Kazu Joined. The 2008 demo Doux Poupees preceded the Tales Of Almanac full-length demo. Fuki also joined Unlucky Morpheus in 2008 and Doll$boxx (with members of Gacharic Spin) in 2012. Midnight Circus was a 2010 full-length. The band appeared at the Pure Rock Japan 2011. Guitarist Kazu left in 2011. Genesis - there is that theme again - was issued by King Records at the beginning of 2012. This was preceded by a single called Noah. Drummer Satoru and guitarist Seiya left. The two, and Kazu, ended up in Art Of Gradation, which lasted one year.

The band’s pompous sound requires listeners to also enjoy a touch of prog, a keyboard-dominated sound, Japanese lyrics and a female singer who likes hopscotch more than anything. Light Bringer has traditionally been one of the titles for Lucifer. In 2012, Fuki also joined Doll$boxx. Jay and Yumi joined in 2013. The band announced a hiatus at the end of 2014, which is Japanese for disbandment. Fuki, and her solo act Fuki Commue, appeared at London, England’s Hyper Japan in 2016. Mao was busy working with Lovebites, Mardelas and others.



Light Bringer