Full Of Fire - 2005 - Lion

Listeria image
S= Witto
G= Wyvern>>Luciano Toscani>>Wyvern- CIANO - GIGIO

Parma, Italy’s Listeria came into being in 1995 and issued three demos. These were Listeria in 1996, Something Mind in 2006 and Again in 2003. In this period the group had opened for the likes of Dokken, Edguy and Iron Savior. The band’s album was issued on September 11th of 2005. Witto left in 2006 due to ill health and was replaced by Gregory Chiesa in 2007.


It has been a long while since an over-the-top and flashy album like Full Of Fire (or Full Of Fore according to the label’s biography) fell into my lap. This is what metal was supposed to be: fun, cocky and bursting with guitars. This album is not grabbing me because the first song’s title is Like Ali (lyrics likely about vision divine), but because it rocks hard and reminds people that heavy metal was meant to scream out loud, solo like crazy and riff as if mad. The aforementioned opener can best be described as a heavy metal Anthrax. The vocals are John Bush junior’s. As a matter of fact, Listeria warrants comparisons to bands like Armored Saint, France’s Warning and the harder LA bands of the '80s. This is heavy metal galore! The album remains remarkable also because it is busy, layered and so guitar-oriented that it transplants one to 1985. Another good analogy is Van Halen from the David Lee Roth era given the vocals, backing chants and the guitars of course. Shadow has a NWOBHM riff, while Little Star is fast and upbeat with tight and wailing guitars. The singer remains dexterous the whole time and the lyrics manage to have some fun. Check out the album’s closer Rock Is My DJ for instance. The only criticism one can level at Listeria is the drumming which is out of whack sometimes and tends to shred the tunes to pieces. Otherwise, this is designed to be played loudly and without regard. It is good to know that the spirit lives on. - Ali “The Metallian”