Little Caesar - 1990 - Geffen
Influence - 1992 - Geffen
This Time It’s Different - 1998 - Slick

Little Caesar image
S= Four Horsemen, Manic Eden, Dirt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers>>Ron Young>>Four Horsemen, Manic Eden, Dirt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
G= Apache - LAUREN MOLINAIRE - David Bowie, .Ian Hunter, Dirty White Boy, Solo>>Earl Slick>>Solo
D= Tom Morris

This little man had nothing to do with the crappy pizza chain aside from the threat of a lawsuit. The group was formed in 1987, sported a leather-bound image, and soon signed with Geffen Music. Prior to the signing, the band was on Metal Blade’s Street Survivors compilation and had a demo called Name your Poison. Very soon, the band and label were at odds over censorship and the streamlining of the band’s sound. Apache was replaced for album number two. Tom Morris was soon out doing A&R for Hollywood Records as was the band. Young formed Manic Eden and joined Red Hot Chilli Peppers for a few months. An album of the band did appear in 1998 which featured unreleased tracks. The band did reform for a while in 2001. The group, whose line-up was Ron Young (vocals), Loren Molinare (guitar), Fidel Paniagua (bass) and drummer Tom Morris, was working on a new CD and DVD in 2008.



Little Caesar