Fetish For The Sick – 1997 - Ablated
Show Us Your Tits! – 1999 – United Guttural
The Age Of Clitoral Decay – 2000 – United Guttural
… ‘Til Only The Sick Remain – 2002 – Morbid
Used, Abused, And Left For Dead – 2006 – Morbid
To Desecrate And Defile – 2009 - Epitomie
Perverseverance – 2018 - Metal Age

Lividity image
Matt Bishop>>Face Of Ruin, Human Artifacts – Chris Campbell – Deaden>>VON YOUNG>>Deaden

Matt Bishop>>Human Artifacts – Waco Jesus>>DAVE KIBLER>>Waco Jesus – Putrefaction, Deaden>>VON YOUNG>>Deaden

Aaron Heath>>Human Artifacts – Avatar>>Mike Smith – Chris Campbell – Armaros, Deaden, Embrace Damnation, Dead Shore, Human Artifacts, The Vile Impurity>>JAKE LAHNIERS>>Dead Shore, Human Artifacts, The Vile Impurity

Incestous>>Derek Hoffmann>>Incestous, Fleshgrind, Gorgasm, Gorgoth, Worms Inside You – James Whitehurst>>Black The Sky – Nick Null>>Waco Jesus – Tommy Davis – Lust Of Decay, Epic Of Empyrea>>Jordan Varela>>Domination Through Impurity, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement – CorpseVomit, Evil Incarnate, Cumchrist, Sons Of Famine, Embrace Damnation, Imperial Savagery>>GARRETT SCANLAN>>Cumchrist, Sons Of Famine, Embrace Dmnation, Imperial Savagery

History & Biography
Lividity began as a one-man project in 1993 by guitarist Dave Kibler in Illinois. A 3-song promo '94 was recorded with a drum machine, which featured three songs, Altar Pieces, Mortal Impalement and Spewing Chunks. Tommy Davis soon joined on drums and vocals, and Lividity soon recorded a rehearsal demo entitled, Ritual Of Mortal Impalement in 1995. Six of the demo’s songs were released on a split cassette from Illinois' Morgue Fetus in the same year. Desecration’s Matt (guitar and backing vocals) and Aaron (bass and vocals) joined the band in that same year. This line-up entered Private Studios and recorded a 4-song demo, Rejoice In Morbidity which in 1996 was issued through Poland’s Immortal Records. Aaron soon left the band and was replaced by Mike Smith on bass. Matt simultaneously moved to vocals. Dave Kibler would spend five years in Waco Jesus beginning in 1997. The newer line-up entered Sinewave Studios and recorded the Fetish For The Sick disc for Ohio’s Ablated Records. Classic song titles like Pussy Lover, Lacerations Of An Unclean Twat and My Cock It Bleeds were featured. The band soon lost Tommy however and the band recruited Nick Null back. The group issued a live CD called Show Us Your Tits in 1999 through United Guttural Records with the R.I.M demo as a bonus. Lividity signed a three-album deal with Spain's Repulse Productions in 1999. Keeping up the pace of releases, Lividity went back to Private Studios and recorded a CD entitled The Age Of Clitoral Decay, but it was not on Repulse. The band used three of the songs to contribute to a split 7" with Germany’s Profanity. This release was issued through Germany’s Cudgel Agency in early 2000.

Nick Null died of an apparent heart attack in July of 2000. Lividity canceled its European Sodomy tour in 2001. The band recruited James Whitehurst in April of 2001. The line-up booked Mercenary Digital Studio in March 2002 to record ...'Til Only The Sick Remain for Morbid Records. Further charming song titles like Coated With My Semen, Snack Size Tits, T.L.C. (Tight 'Lil Cunt), The Second Cumming, Fetal Scabs and A Woman’s Place Is On My Face propelled the album to successes. The band next does a full-fledged four-week headlining tour of Europe in March of 2003. Aaron would soon leave again, however, and Lividity would bring on Chris Campbell on bass. James Whitehurst would also depart in August of 2004. A replacement by the name of Jordan Varela (a.k.a. The Violator) would soon be found, although another setback would be Matt Bishops' departure. Lividity would recruit Deaden’s Von Young. Epitomite Productions and Morbid Records released the next release, Used, Abused And Left For Dead in March, 2006. The band’s 2007 drummer would be ex-Corpsevomit man Garrett Scanlan. Gore metal band Lividity would release a 3” MCD in May 2016 through Viscera Records. Lividity was returning to Europe for a short tour with Dictated. The band issued its seventh full-length Perverseverance through Metal Age Productions on 30.11.2018. Alleyway, Exodus, Misery Index, M.O.D, Lividity, Devourment and many more were playing at Full Terror Assault festival in Illinois, USA in August 2021.


There had not been too many pussycore releases as of late which meant that the arrival of Lividity's fourth album was certainly welcomes at Metallian Towers. Now on Germany's ever-heavy Morbid Records, the new album seemed like a good album given sweet song titles like T.L.C. (Tight 'Lil Cunt), Coated With My Semen, Snack Size Tits and Anal Autopsy. Alas, musically, the album is monotone. The vocals are certainly from the 'pig-feasting-wildly-in-the-trough' variety and are augmented by secondary screams a la Deicide's debut. The flat and rattling drums and generally humdrum riffing do not help though. Furthermore solos are as rare as a virgin in the altar boys' locker room which only adds to the indynamic nature of ...'Til Only The Sick Remain.
Sadly the label is not helping either. Having censored the sick cover art, the serviced CD is a close-up of a small part of the album instead of depicting the gruesome painting. That, my friends, is like having a super model in the room and then asking her to put on an extra layer to keep warm!

Lividity is back after a few years absence and will not disappoint the fans of porn grind and death. Used, Abused And Left For Dead is mainly a fast album, with a good dose of crazy drumming, pig vocals, few of the expected porn samples and some slower and heavier sections. The song titles are also exactly what is expected as the likes of Raped For Rent, The Cumming Of The Trilogy and No Time For Lube show. Lyrics don’t really disappoint either and are very typical, lines like 'Caress your candy apple ass...' and 'Bitch don’t you shave...' being just two of the rather tame and amusing examples. Look out for the bonus live footage taken from the 2005 edition of the Fuck The Commerce Festival. - Anna Tergel