Living Sacrifice - 1991 - R.E.X.
Nonexistent - 1992 - R.E.X.
Inhabit - 1994 - R.E.X.
Reborn - 1997 - Tooth & Nail
The Hammering Process - 2001 - Solid State
Conceived In Fire - 2002 - Tooth & Nail
The Infinite Order - 2010 - Solid State
Ghost Thief - 2013 - Solid State

S= DJ [Darren Johnson] - BRUCE FITZHUGH
G= Jason Truby>>P.O.D. - BRUCE FITZHUGH - Shredded Corpse, Evanescence, Soul Embrace>>Rocky Gray>>Soul Embrace - Shredded Corpse, Evanescence, Soul Embrace>>ROCKY GRAY>>Soul Embrace
B= DJ [Darren Johnson] - Chris Truby - ARTHUR GREEN
D= Soul Embrace>>LANCE GARVIN>>Soul Embrace

America’s biggest white metal thrash band Little Rock’s Living Sacrifice was born in 1989 and issued a demo in 1990. The demo’s title, Not Yielding To Ungodly, was a dead giveaway as to the group’s intentions. The band began as a Slayer copycat thrash metal act and moved on to death metal with albums two and three. The debut album was co-produced by Believer’s Kurt Bachman. DJ left the band before Reborn and the job was taken over by Fitzhugh. The band adopted a more crossover sound at this juncture. The Truby brothers left in 1998.

The band’s dwindling fan base meant that the group soon became a part time act with less touring and a growing gap between releases. The group announced its demise in May of 2003. Jason Truby had some success playing in P.O.D. Inevitably, the group reformed in 2008 with Bruce Fitzhugh (vocals and guitar) and Lance Garvin (drums). The two had guitarist Rocky Gray (a former Evanescence drummer) and bassist Arthur Green in tow. White metal band Living Sacrifice would release its newest album, The Infinite Order, on January 26th of 2010 through Solid State Records. The band had a single in the summer of 2009 called Death Machine. Rocky Gray was back in the band as of 2008. White metal act Living Sacrifice would release its next album, Ghost Thief, on November 12th, 2013 through Solid State Records.


The arrival of this album came as a small surprise. With former label REX being now defunct and the name Tooth & Nail meaning little to me beyond a Dokken album (and some hardcore releases), I was glad to see this one march in. And march in it did. Fans of Living Sacrifice, or white metal in general, might know the band's affection for grinding to Slayer riffs, but it is still surprising to get a fourth album from anyone and find it so extreme. The Slayer riffs have been diminished (but listen to the middle riff of Reborn Empowered and tell me that isn't note by note), and intermixed with Industrial moments and Napalm Death-like guitar dynamics; but the band remains overall pounding and even if the vocals of guitarist Fitzhugh are more hardcore-ish than previous singer DJ, the gang remains both extreme and heavy. Give this album a chance. From Finnish death metal vibes on Spirit Fall to a speedvaganza track entitled Liar where the band races Malevolent Creation to Napalm Death-isms on No Longer, the Christian foursome are definite contenders. - Ali "The Metallian"


Living Sacrifice