Tales Of Misanthropy, Bloodlust And Mass Homicide! - 2002 - Metal War

Lord Blasphemer image
S= Malas>>ERIK PERTL>>Malas
G= Diabolic>>Eric Hersemann>>Diabolic, Hate Eternal, Gigan - MIKE SWANSON
B= Satan's Anti-Septic Tricycles, Malas>>ERIK PERTL>>Malas
D= Jim Kerley

Chicago area death metal band Lord Blasphemer was formed in 1989 and issued the 1989 and We Love To Kill demos. The group split up however despite reporting interest from Deaf Records.

The Visions Of Hatred demo of 2000 compiled older material and got the reformed band signed to Metal War Productions. The group issued a full-length there in 2002 which featured Hersemann of Diabolic. Pertl himself was drafted to do artwork for Diabolic and perform with the band on stage. Mike Swanson was also redrafted. The same label issued a split-EP of the band with Throneum in 2006.



Lord Blasphemer