The Autophagous Orgy - 2002 - Razorback
Resickened - 2004 - Razorback
Scalpels For Blind Surgeons – 2019 – Everlasting

Lord Gore image
S= Murdergod, Wraithen, In Memorium, Abazagorath, Fall Of The Bastards, Stahlmantel>>Nekro Von Gore>>Wraithen, In Memorium, Abazagorath, Fall Of The Bastards, Stahlmantel - Frightmare, Fornicator, Wraithen>>GURGE [DAVE GRAHAM]>>Frightmare, Fornicator, Wraithen
G= Wraithen, Winter Of Apokalypse>>SCSI [MICHAEL WESTAPHER]>>Wraithen, Winter Of Apokalypse – Murdergod, Thy Infernal, Frightmare, Engorged, Pleasure Cross, Spazztic Blurr>>DR. HORDAK SCUM [RYAN B. SORENSEN]>>Frightmare, Engorged, Pleasure Cross, Spazztic Blurr – Whore, Maniac Killer, Blood Freak, Frightmare>>MANIAC NEIL [NEIL SMITH]>>Whore, Maniac Killer, Blood Freak, Frightmare
B= Regurgiphile - Bung>>Jesus H. Dump [Bob Page]>>Bung - Bung>>JESUS H. DUMP [BOB PAGE]
D= Murdergod, Winter Of Apokalypse, Frightmare, Engorged, Weregoat, Ritual Necromancy, Ascended Dead>>COLON BOWEL [KEVIN SCHREUTELKAMP]>>Frightmare, Engorged, Weregoat, Ritual Necromancy, Winter Of Apokalypse, Ascended Dead

Portland, Oregon’s Lord Gore - a monicker conjured by Mr. Von Gore - was formed in 1998 and was a thing of the past by 2006. The group issued a retro-styled demo cassette in 1999 called Dark Lords Of The Cyst and followed it up with 2000’s Massive Deconstructive Surgery. The latter demo was supposed to be issued by a Malaysian label, but the deal fell through.

The band recorded its debut in 2001 and saw its release in 2002. Ryan of Engorged guested on the album. Lord Gore parted ways with singer Nekro Von due to “personal differences” Spew in the spring of 2002. The band would push ahead with plans for a split album with Engorged and an appearance on a Repulsion tribute CD. A second album was issued in 2004, which turned out to be the band’s last bloody hoorah. A sampler of the band’s unreleased songs was announced through Razorback Records. The group split up in 2006 and returned in 2017. Early guitarist Dr. Hordak Scum had rejoined. Everlasting Spew Records was issuing the group’s Scalpels For Blind Surgeons album on August 9th.


This is great. Get a couple of Hentai chicks to come over, have an orgy and then instead of shelling dough for pizza delivery...the autophagous orgy!!!!! Not to be confused with Gorelord (hell, go ahead, why not?), Lordgore is more in tune with the sickened brutality of Autopsy than any other band. The band does speed up but mostly sticks to the slow and grinding pace and coupled with the traditional samples and vomit-vocals is a compelling act for fans of the genre. The band has already lost one member (Nekro) but is still determined to keep going so horror fans have little excuse, except for how band and label have omitted the compulsory lyric sheet!


Lord Gore