Verdict Of Posterity - 2001 - Scarlet
HateInfected - 2007 - Khaoz Star

S= Hugo Bryngfors - Master Jokers, Unblessed, Godgory, Grave Flowers>>MATTE ANDERSSON>>Grave Flowers
G= Fester Plague, Mental Crypt>>JAN JANSSON>>Mental Crypt - Sven Erik Fritiofsson
B= Fester Plague, Mental Crypt>>ULF JANSSON>>Mental Crypt
D= Mental Crypt, Feral >>KJELL ELMLUND>>Mental Crypt, Feral

Loss, a death metal band from Karlstad, was formed in 2000 and immediately issued the Human Decay demo. This demo was picked as the 'demo of the year' by Sweden’s Close-Up magazine. This lead to a deal with the Scarlet label of Italy and the Verdict Of Posterity record. The verdict was not good for the label and the band soon moved on to demos in 2002, 2004 and 2005. Singer Hugo had left in 2003. The band returned with a new label and new singer (who managed the new label) in 2007.

The group is basically a reincarnation of Mental Crypt.


This is a wonderful demo from the Swedish band. Loss is inspired by early Entombed no doubt, what with the massive guitar sound, volley of rhythm and shouting vocals, but plays its own music. The three songs on display, namely Pestilent Illusion, Reverent One and No God Worth, come at the listener with clear malicious intent and batter with power. The band has a big sound and the compositional skills to go with it. What is more, the lead breaks on songs two and three prove the band's musical capability and attention to detail. Whether you like it heavy or fast Loss will do it for you. The Swedes had a record deal with Scarlet Records a couple of years back. Chances are very good that the label is regretting losing Loss right about now! loss@loss.se or www.loss.se. - Ali "The Metallian"