Scream Of The Mourning Star - 2000 - Novum Vox Mortis
Ubermensch (Death Of God) - 2002 - Empire/Osmose
Chaostream - 2004 - Wicked World/Earache
Immerse In Infinity - 2009 - Witching Hour
Atlantis - The New Beginning - 2015 - Witching Hour

Lost Soul image
S= Asshole, Hollow Sign>>JACEK GRECKI>>Asshole, Hollow Sign
G= Asshole, Hollow Sign>>JACEK GRECKI>>Hollow Sign – Piotr Ostrowski>>Azarath - Mala Herba, Sammath Naur, Naer Mataron>>Marek Gołaś>>Mala Herba, Sammath Naur, Naer Mataron
B= Pawel Michalowski>>Elysium, Hate - Baphomet’s Throne>>Damian "Czajnik" Czajkowski>>Baphomet’s Throne
D= Behemoth>>Adam Sierzaga>>Behemoth, Armagedon, Azarath - Entreat, Torke, Mestlet, Absentia Lunae, Daemusinem, Handful Of Hate, Infernal Angels, Fearbringer, Elodea, Obsidio, Naer Mataron>>Asmodeus Draco Dux>>Naer Mataron, Azrath-11

Lost Soul was formed in 1991 (initially as Hades) and issued demos like Eternal Darkness (1993), Superior Ignotum (1994) and ...Now Is Forever (1998). The group’s initial line-up comprised of Jacek Grecki, drummer Adam Sierżęga and bassist Tomasz Fornalski. Piotr Ostrowski was added in 1997. The band began working with the Polish label Novum Vox Mortis and issued a couple of slit CDs with Dissenter, Night Gallery and others. Relapse Records’ Polish Assault (featuring the 1998 demo) sampler also featured the band. Scream Of The Mourning Star was issued in 2000 and soon licensed by Relapse Records for America. By 2002, the band was working with Osmose Productions, although Chaostream was out through Earache’s Wicked World label. It was recorded at Hertz Studio. In 2012, Poland’s Lost Soul recruited former Vader drummer Paul Jaroszewicz as well as guitarist Marek Golas (Sammath Naur). Lost Soul would release a double album, Genesis XX Years Of Chaoz, on February 22nd, 2013. The album, which spanned the band’s career, would include 32 songs and two cover versions. By this time the guitarist was Marek Gołaś and the drummer was Asmodeus Draco Dux of Naer Mataron, etc..

Polish band Lost Soul was mixing its 2015 album, Atlantis - The New Beginning, at Sound Division Studios with Arek "Malta" Malczewski. It was due in the summer of 2014, but appeared in late 2015 instead. Rafał Przewłocki became the bassist in 2017. Michał Włosik joined on guitar and Wolfriser’s Rafał Przewłocki joined on bass.

The band used to call its music, “cruel death art.” The Pestilence song, Lost Souls, inspired the band’s name.


Not to be confused with Lost Souls who have released music through Nuclear Blast, Lost Soul is a Polish death metal unit with more than a penchant for delivering high-speed blitzkriegs into the mind of the listener. The band is an amalgamation of its many influences. The vocals are quite reminiscent of Vader. That is, they are harsh and gruff, but fall short of being deep growls. The music maintains an edge reminiscent of Napalm Death meeting Brutality. Towards the latter is where the band's lead guitars fall as well. The deliciously technical soloing is well-executed and reminiscent of Florida death metal bands like Monstrosity, Disincarnate and, yes, Brutality. The final piece of the puzzle is the drumming of Adam Sierzega, a man who might one day inspire factory owners to replace their machines with humans. His speed is a pleasure to hear.
The catch though is that these Poles are lost. The more one listens to the, presumably Nietzsche-incited album, the more one hears the synthesizers added here and there, in the background and every nook of certain songs. Altogether sad, for this album had serious potential. Instead, this album is more suitable for the band's name than the album's. Ubermensch was released more than a year ago in Poland. Regardless, the Poles are now signed directly to Osmose for three albums which means we will hear more from the band in the coming years. - Ali "The Metallian"

Another day, another Polish death metal band on Earache. It is not that the four mean-looking devotees of carnage are bad or inferior to the rest of the pack. It is just that the band is so close to Vader in both sound and approach that one has to wonder what the group's justification for existence is. Having said that, the band blasts furiously ahead during the fast parts, delivers a good beating during the slow parts, the singer screams and snarls at the listener convincingly and, this is the band's trump card, the guitar solos are completely satisfying. The band's soloist has a special talent that needs to be utilized more often. One has to wonder whether songs like Word Of Sin, Angel's Cry or Christian Meat are having any effect on the psyche of Catholic Poland. - Anna Tergel


Lost Soul