Sensorial Treatment - 1989 - Semetary
Disincarnate - 1991 - Semetary
Sublime Dementia - 1993 - Semetary
The Time Keeper - 1995 - Wotre
Fragments - 1998 - Metal 13
Submission Tour Live - 1999 - XII BIS
Planet Pandemonium - 2004 - Boycott
Loud, Live & Heavy - 2009 - XIII BIS
Frozen Moments Between Life And Death - 2011 - XIII BIS
Burial Ground - 2014 - Listenable
Manifesto – 2020 - Listenable

S= Clearcut>>STEPHANE BURIEZ>>Clearcut
G= Clearcut>>STEPHANE BURIEZ>>Clearcut - Nicolas Leclercq - Witches, Imbecilator, Agressor, Bloodthorn>>Alex Colin-Tocquaine - Fornication, Black Dementia, Drakhian>>Pierre Drakhian>>Fornication, Black Dementia, Drakhian, Seth – Angher, E-Force, No Return, Massive Charge Undead Prophecies>>JEROME POINT-CANOVAS>>Angher, Massive Charge Undead Prophecies
B= Clearcut>>Francois Jamin>>Clearcut - Locus>>Alex Lenormand>>Locus, Arkhon Infaustus – Heavenly, Maladaptive, Sinsaenum, Meance, DragonForce, Kreator>>FREDERIC LECLERCQ>>Sinsaenum, Meance, DragonForce, Kreator
D= Distress>>Joris Terrier - Agressor>>Thierry Pinck - Aeons, Clearcut, Black Bomb A, Undead Propehcies>HERVE COQUEREL>>Clearcut, Black Bomb A, Undead Propehcies

Loudblast was an early French death and thrash metal band alongside Massacra and Agressor. The group was formed in 1985 with a distinct thrash sound that eventually evolved into death metal before taking modern and industrial elements. The band eventually split in the late '90s only to reform in 2002.

The band was on a split LP with fellow Frenchmen Agressor in 1987. Two members of the French Agressor would eventually join Loudblast. Disincarnate was probably the band’s heaviest having been recorded by Scott Burns in the USA and featuring a guest appearance by Massacre’s Kam Lee. Sublime Dementia was also produced by Burns.

Buriez and co. switched over to Clearcut before reforming in 2003. The main man also produced bands at his LB Lab. Loudblast’s Loud, Live & Heavy CD was out in 2009. It was the French band’s first release in five years. Loudblast would release a new album, Frozen Moments Between Life And Death, on April 18th of 2011 through XIII Bis Records. It was recorded and mixed by producer Peter Tägtgren at Abyss Studio. It featured Drakhian on guitar and bassist Alex Lenormand. In 2014, Loudblast signed with Listenable Records and issued an album called Burial Ground. The act released a new album, entitled Manifesto, through Listenable Records in November.


Closing in on 20 years of existence Planet Pandemonium marks another return for the French metallers. The continuing story of Loudblast has resulted in a mostly mid-paced death thrash release typical of the early '90s when perhaps Loudblast themselves were at their peak with the added similarity to Vader prevalent throughout, musically and in the vocals. Very evident in the opener Bow Down and The Serpent’s Circle are the aforementioned older influences. Pain Brothers does up the tempo somewhat and gives the album a more modern and vigorous sound. Immediately following is Last Sabbath, a slower paced song with a heavier, crunchy bass sound . The Descent is again more typical of the thrashier days and its very familiar riffing. Mindless Mankind is also faster and thrashier at times, but does also feature some of the slower, crunchier bass sounds resulting in a song not unlike some latter Morbid Angel material. Words Of Vanity carries the Morbid Angel influence a bit further with perhaps Pestilence providing the European inspiration. Scarlet Mist, Roaming In Between Worlds and Days In Black continue where the others left off and provide further balance between older and newer sounds. Of note are two unnamed bonus (?) songs at the end of the CD. - Anna Tergel