Immaculate Deception - 1986 - Combat
Power Trip - 1988 - Combat

Ludichrist image
S= TOMMY CHAREST>>Scatterbrain
G= Joe Butcher - GLEN CUMMINGS>>Scatterbrain - PAUL NIEDER>>Scatterbrain
B= Chuck Valle>>Murphy’s Law - MIKE WALTERS>>Sheer Terror
D= MDC, The Spunks>>Al Batross - Dave Miranda>>The Magic Elf, Six And Violence

Ludichrist was a crossover band from New York, which spewed its message with a dose of humour, a trait later on followed by Scatterbrain. A 1985 demo featured guitarist Mark Durnex - as did the CBGB Live recording of 1986 which was recorded without an audience. Durnex and Batross were the founding members. There was a major line-up shuffle in 1987 and for the sophomore effort guitarist Paul Nieder, bassist Mike Walters and drummer Dave Miranda were part of the band. Miranda was out after Power Trip and replaced briefly by Tony Scaglione of Whiplash fame.

Scatterbrain also ended up on Combat Records in 1990. The band (alongside Scatterbrain) reformed for one show on February 23rd of 2007 at New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. This was the band’s first show in 18 years!