Close To Prime - 2003 - Season Of Mist
Diva - 2005 - Black Lotus

Luna Field image
B= Lanfear, My Darkest Hate>>ALEXANDER PALMA>>My Darkest Hate
D= Debauchery>>Daniel Sandvoss - The Exorial, Belphegor, Beast Of Damnation>>TOMASZ JANISZEWSKI>>Beast Of Damnation

Luna Field likes to adorn customs and put on a show to go along with its brutal underground sound. The band was founded in southern Germany in 1998 by vocalist Benny Rakidzija, guitarists Heiko Krahl and Marko Sirac, bassist Alexander Palma and drummer Daniel Sandvoss. A debut would be recorded and licensed to France’s Season Of Mist. The band and label would cease working together and the Germans would sign to Greece’s Black Lotus, which would hire Atrocity’s Alex Krull to produce Diva at the man’s Mastersound Studio. Among other things, the band was dissatisfied with the artwork for its debut album. A 2006 tour with Gorefest and Master was cancelled. Black Lotus issued a DVD sampler with footage of the band on it in 2006 before going broke. The band soon announced it is going on a hiatus.


As the old saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover” for otherwise Diva by Germany’s Luna Field would have been dismissed as a goth band on sight and assigned to the trash yard of Metallian Towers where it would have burnt alongside the slaves who dared bring it before the Metallian knights. The top hat and corset wearing gender-bending five could be easily mistaken for a silly pin up goth band like dummy burger or cradle of hype. Anyone remember Bralalala?
Instead, having given the band a chance on the strength of the label’s insistence that the music is 'diverse black/death metal' one comes across a band which certainly does have the odd keyboard interlude or sample, but is a standard death metal band by and large. The vocals are on the whole deadly growls, while the music is mid-paced and melodic notes interspersed with faster and heavier parts. The most diverse and simultaneously weakest song is the album’s closer Diva Messiah with its overreaching keyboards and powerless vocals. Otherwise, the closest comparison for Luna Field would probably be a less technical version of Morbid Angel. The production, courtesy of Atrocity’s Alex Krull is acceptable with the exception of the clicky and triggered bass drums. There just is not enough power in them. All in all, Luna Field is a band that is intent on hampering its own growth given its name, album title and image, but as such turns out to be a pleasant surprise. Next time just respect yourselves and your fans and jettison the stupid keyboards. - Ali “The Metallian”


Luna Field