...The Infinite - 2002 - Elitist
Cyclic - 2004 - Elitist

Lunaris image
B= Dr. Dream
D= Borknagar, Vintersorg, Scariot>>Asgeir Mickelson>>Borknagar, Vintersorg, Scariot - Organ>>Janos>>Organ
K= T Roy [Raymond Njerve] - M

The nefarious Lunaris’ founding dates back to Oslo, the capital of Norway, and 1998. A demo called Demo 2000 featured four songs and was followed by 2001’s Creative Destruction. The Elitist imprint of Earache Records then picked up the group where it issued two albums before the label was dismantled. At the end of 2004, the band shed members and made a decision to forge ahead with Njerve, M and Balfori. Njerve ended up taking a backseat however.


The very first thing that occurred to me upon seeing the CD and noticing the name of this band was how the act had to be a techno/prog band of sorts. A name like Lunaris can only imply something but pure metal. The second thing that occurred to me was a mental correction and came as a result of reading the CD's back cover description, "...death metal bite with black metal's raw edge." Guess who was accurate?
Lunaris is a Norwegian band featuring and exchanging members with Satyricon, Spiral Architect and others. In fact, Lunaris supposedly shares a rehearsal room with Borknagar, Spiral Architect and others. Needless to say, therefore, Lunaris is a conflicted band. While song one Mendacities Of A Corporate Messiah (great title!) is a straight brutal metal song, tracks like I.A.D., When It Ends and others prove Lunaris to be a band mixing regular vocals with keyboards with commercial medleys and all topped off with a dose of black metal here and a dash of death metal there. In contrast to Akercocke, which mixes these elements simultaneously, Lunaris prefers to segregate the metal parts from the pop parts though. The album's opener promised much. Alas, the band fails to remain pure and heavy. The sound is not good either. The production is thin and treble.
Watch for guest appearances by Steve Digiorgio (on the song I.A.D.), Eric Peterson and Arcturus' Steinar Sverd Johnsen. - Ali "The Metallian"