Lupara - 2006 - Crash

Lupara image
S= Noa Brady
G= Broken Hope, Earthburner>>JEREMY WAGNER>>Earthburner - Evil Incarnate, Num Skull>>TOM BRANDNER
B= Mark Paige
D= Broken Hope, Num Skull>>SCOTT CREEKMORE

Lupara is a sawed-off shotgun favoured by the Mafia and a band from Illinois courtesy of Jeremy Wagner and bassist Fred Braun with the former’s hope for his previous band being broken. The dream began in 2003 with three unnamed demos that followed before Lupara ended up on Crash Music, which was owned by a manager from Broken Hope’s first label, namely Grindcore International. The group had already utilized Wagner’s connections to play with Obituary and Napalm Death as well as a show in Mexico. The early singer was Craig Gross. The bassist was one John.

Lupara’s video for the song No Pity On The Ants featured an appearance by Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson. Brady left the band in 2008. Singer Ryan Richards (ex-No Conviction), guitarist Jeremy Wagner and Tom Brandner, bassist Mike "Lurk" Ruehle (ex-Full Blown Chaos) and drummer Scott Creekmore were writing a new album next.

Jeremy Wagner signed a book deal for his work of fiction, The Armageddon Chord, in late 2010. The book was due for release in August of 2011. The book was about a song which could unleash evil upon mankind.


What is most interesting about Lupara is not that it features one-time Broken Hopers guitarist Jeremy Wagner and singer/drummer Scott Creekmore, but that the band has landed on Crash Music, the successor to Pavement Music, which itself was the unofficial follow-up to Grind Core International. That last label was where Broken hope was given its start - and the only good thing that came out of that was a Metal Blade recording contract given how the band felt ripped off.
Prior to hearing the band’s debut full-length offering the impression of all the knights at Metallian Towers was that Lupara is a mallcore band which is the worst possible offense. The fault partly rests with the band (i.e. Jeremy) itself and partly is owing to its associations with names like Mudvayne and Slipknot. Any band that wishes to cut it on the metal scene should avoid those connections obviously.
Lupara - a sawed off mafia shotgun says the band and label - is metal and quite extreme. The music on offer is rather one-dimensional and, believe it or not, best compared to the old Chicago band The Dead Youth. Other names that could be used as analogy would be Obituary and Crowbar. As heavy as the band is the lack of variety and the repetitious patterns embedded in the songs work against the quintet. Killing Fool, for instance, makes a point of hammering the same phrase and riff into one’s skull repeatedly and incessantly. Lupara is competent and metal, but will probably have to make a better showing next time around to make itself a contender. - Ali “The Metallian”