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L.W.S Inc. image
S= Stray Bullets>>JOHN FRIJN
G= ÖLZ - Gutwrench, Hammerhawk>>Dennis Hartog>>Goddess Of Desire - Joost Stolk
B= Manfred van Zadelhoff - JACKE
D= Stray Bullets>>Donovan

LWS Inc. (Lunatics Without Skateboards Incorporated) was a late-'80s Dutch thrash metal band with an obvious sense of humour. The founding members were singer John and bassist Manfred. 7The band had changed its name from LWS to LWS Inc. to avoid confusion with the German hardcore band of the same name that was signed to We Bite Records. Notwithstanding that, the group issued a demo called Death And Die in 1988 before signing to the German label Aaarrg. The debut was recorded at Phoenix Studio. A second album was issued after much pause. Manfred would go own to form his own label, Rusty Cage Records. The group played a reunion show in 2007 to celebrate this label’s birthday. Hartog was spending time in Goddess Of Desire.



L.W.S Inc.