Process Of Elimination - 1985 - Coma
The Evil In Good - 1987 - Black Dragon

S= S.G.M., Bigtop>>KIRK VERHEY>>S.G.M., Bigtop
G= Snowball>>DAVE HILLIS>>Snowball
B= The Pleasure Elite>>VERN WHITE>>The Pleasure Elite
D= Shane White>>Bloodclots, The Spoiled Brats, The Looselips - DAVID KOPLER

Washington state’s Mace was formed in 1984 and soon heard via a demo and on Metal Blade’s Metal Massacre V album with the song Marching Saprophytes. The band would inform that the correct song title was actually Marching Sacrifice. The thrashers featured singer and drummer Vence La Rose at this stage.

The band was not well received when opening or Slayer at one stage. Hillis would end up producing grunge bands in Seattle.

In 2012, the reformed thrashers Mace was working on a new album. They were now armed with a new logo courtesy of Tommy Niemeyer from The Accused. Mace guitarist Dave Hillis had gone in to produce rock albums by bands such as Pearl Jam.