A Serenade of Agony - 1992 - Progress Red labels

S= Pan.thy.monium, Edge Of Sanity>>Day Disyraah [Dan Swanö]>>Pan.thy.monium, Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, Bloodbath, Diabolical Masquerade, Infestdead, Katatonia, Steel, Unicorn, Demiurg, Star One
G= Lars Bangholt
B= Invocator>>Jakob Schultz
D= Invocator, Eidetic>>JACOB HANSEN>>Invocator, Manticora, Anubis Gate, Eidetic

Maceration had a live demo and an album on the Danish label Progress before disintegrating. Apparebtly Schultz and Bangholt wimped out and cut their hair after getting into hip hop! Initially, the death metal act was a follow-up project for Invocator’s main men (with Bangholt leading), but Dan Swanö’s presence meant that there was additional star power present. The debut ws recorded for Germany’s Turbo Records, which never fulfilled its obligations and famously soon went broke. A promised second album for 1995 never materialized.

Schultz had left Invocator because he didn’t want to take over the bass duty after handling the guitar over the years.