Carne De Cementerio - 2000 - Razorback
Trono De Huesos - 2002 - Razorback
Sinfonías Del Terror Ciego – 2005 - Razorback
Mundo Cripta - 2008 - Throne
Ruin - 2013 - Doomentia

Machetazo image
S= Carlos "Cadáver" Dopico
B= Frustradicción>>El Mescalinas [Chinín] - Deface>>Carlos "Cadáver" Dopico]>>Demented
D= Frustradicción>>JOSE M. DOPICO

Formed in 1994, Machetazo (machete) is a grinding gore metal band with the requisite number of cover versions, samples and intros. With early demos like 1995’s 46 Cabezas Aplastadas Por Un Yunque Oxidado or 1998’s Realmente Disfruto Comiendo Cadaveres the band went into 'split' mode until it partnered with America’s Razorback Records. The band’s debut featured Chinin on bass. Many more singles and splits followed.

The band switched to Throne Records in 2008 after breaking up with Razorback, which did not promote the band several years earlier. Jose M. Dopico also took over the vocals for Ruin. Iago Alvite joined on bass in 2013.

Dopi from Machetazo was in the process of starting his own label called Vincent Price Records in the spring of 2003. He wanted to release limited edition split 7" EP's.


Cool, more goodies from America's true underground death/grind label. Stemming from the land of Spain, the duo of Machetzo are a horror-oriented grindcore band adhering to the style regimented by early Carcass, Autopsy (but faster) and Impetigo. The usual horror samples, grind' o blasts and horrified screams permeate the dead of Toronto night as I kill, stab, uh kill dead, slash, aaaarrgghhh, why am I doing this? Diiie, Ahh as I listen to the demon on this CD...burn you evil carrion, sufffer hate...I am sorry, I am not sure, anyway some tracks are Suicide Fuck, P.U.S. and Maruta which should give you an even better idea what is contained on this untight and down-tuned CD. - Ali "The Metallian"

For a self-proclaimed gore (red! red!) metal label to issue a CD with artwork entirely in black and white seems odd. Yet at the bloody heart of the matter lies the music and there the band keeps the standards high (or low if you prefer) and delivers a pure set of goregrind. Many might recall the Spaniards as a trio, but for whatever reason the band is now a duo. Thankfully though, a human drummer is in place so worry not in that regard. He may not be the tightest musician out there but at least the gang avoids bringing in a retarded computer into the fray. Even if Machetazo is a Carcass-meets-Necrophagia type of a band, the listeners will detect a certain crust influence. It's all fast and simple and you get your usual dosage of movie samples. Things take a tumble when the band attempts the metal scene's zillionth cover version and molests yet another song - this time Motorhead's Ace Of Spades. Ignoring the faux pas, Machetazo is a good bet for aficionados and another band establishing the clarity-of-purpose of Razorback.