Deus Ex Machinae - 2004 - MBD
Redeemer - 2006 - Spinefarm
Overworld - 2008 - Spinefarm
A View From The End Of The World – 2010 - Spinefarm
Rise Of A Digital Nation – 2012 – Spinefarm
Phantom Shadow – 2014 - Spinefarm
Into The Night World – 2016 - Hubnester

Machinae Supremacy image
S= Garden Of Concrete, Masugn, Flak>>ROBERT ”GAZ” STJÄRNSTRÖM>>Flak
G= JONAS ”GIBLI” RÖRLING - Robert ”Gaz” Stjärnström - Andreas ”Gordon” Gerdin – Dim Moonlight, Drowned In Life, Kill The Romance, Am I Blood, Tuoni>>TOMI LUOMA>>Am I Blood, Tuoni
B= Flak, Lifeforce>>Kahl Hellmer>>Flak, Lifeforce - Johan ”Dezo” Hedlund - ANDREAS ”GORDON” GERDIN
D= Tomas Nilsén>>Frostlit – Ninja Magic, Domini Magica>>NICKY [NIKLAS KARVONEN]>>Domini Magica
K= Andreas ”Gordon” Gerdin

Self-described SID metal band hails from Sweden and has been dancing metal since 2000. The band’s first overseas show was in London, England in 2002. Deus Ex Machinae appeared in 2004, but a demo called Jets'N'Guns Soundtrack followed it online. The Swedes signed to the Finnish label Spinefarm next, but not before losing bassist Hellmer in 2005. In June of 2007 the band pulled off a unique show at the Stockholm Concert Hall where they played themes and music from various video games with a full philharmonic as its back-up. Drummer Tomas Nilsén left for the usual "personal reasons" in the summer of 2009. The band was working on a new album. Live At Assembly 2011 was recorded in Helsinki and issued digitally in that year. Andreas ”Gordon” Gerdin moved to bass for Phantom Shadow. The New Colossus was a band collaboration with Dan Bull. This upload came in 2018. Jets’N’Guns 2 was again a game soundtrack, which was issued in 2020.


This band hails from Sweden and is classified as power metal, but the bulk or the essence of the style delivery is techno dance. The upbeat nature and the bpm is bop techno music as are the rhythms and the keyboards. Of course, the members have listened to everything from Gamma Ray to Finland’s Requiem or those bands’ peers and thus do have a metallic claim. Nevertheless, between the singer’s poppy (vigorously poppy) and the rhythmic beats Machinae Supremacy has loads of commercial potential. No wonder the band is covering none other than its idol Britney Spears here (she of “we should just trust our president in every decision he makes” not to mention retarded teeny music) for maximum embarrassment.
This is probably the definition of pop metal and naturally the more one ponders that concept the less interesting this thing becomes. Nice cover concept though. - Ali “The Metallian”


Machinae Supremacy