Degeneration - 2006 - Last Entertainment
The Passing - 2008 - Regain

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Corpsegrinder>>MICHEL ISBERG

Marcus Isberg - Tributallica>>MICHEL ISBERG>>Tributallica - Mano Lewys


Johan "Vebba" Westman

In Grey, Loch Vostok, Flagellation>>FREDRIK KLINGWALL>>Loch Vostok, Flagellation

History & Biography
Machinery was formed in 2001 in the corporate town of Saltsjö-Boo near Stockholm. The band introduced itself locally with the 2002 demo A Part Of Steel In An Endless Machinery before issuing Rising and The Beginning. The band was heard on the Thrashing The Masses sampler in 2006, although the sampler apparently failed to reach its stated goal. In an unrelated move, Marcus Isberg left in late 2006 and was replaced by Mano Lewys.

Sweden’s Machinery lost guitarist Mano Lewys and drummer Johan Westman in early autumn of 2009. Singer Michel Isberg was to handle the guitar and a drummer was also sought. Instead, Stockholm, Sweden’s Machinery threw in the towel. The band members would continue with other projects.


There has been a long list of bands that have been obviously influenced by another group from within their respective genres. Heavy metal has been no exception with many groups displaying a fondness for using the sounds, riffs or vocal patterns of another. The real question, given this reality, often is whether the emulator is emulating or playing the role of a cheap knock-off clone.
The Machinery crew is obviously in awe of a certain Canadian called Devin Townsend. Michel Isberg, in particular, makes no bones of his admiration for Strapping Young Lad and Devin’s vocals. The music too is unmistakably fastened to SYL. In spite of this, Machinery has molded its influence into something distinctive that is its own. The Swedes may be strongly inspired, but The Passing has strong characteristic belonging to Machinery. The band features a keyboardist, which immediately throws the whole thing down the abyss of suspicion and indignity, yet the band has enough speed and heaviness to keep it in traction. variation is one of the band’s characteristics. Harmonic moments take turns filling the space with extreme or brutal thrashing. Parts of the album allude to Arch Enemy for instance. Parts of the songs Reason Is The Rush and Delirium In Vengeance are downright wicked.
The vocals of Isberg are a signature characteristic, but a special mention should go to the tight and skilled drumming of Johan Westman. Another nod goes to the band’s earnest lyrics, which go a step beyond the usual and demonstrate thought and viewpoint. The lyrics are easy to understand without the use of the lyric sheet owing again to Isberg.
The Passing has several disappointments. The clear influence, the keyboards, the semi-balladry called Waiting For The Wave, etc. but Machinery does a very good job of demonstrating confidence, musicianship and a sense of purpose nevertheless. - Ali “The Metallian”