Blot - 1997 - Embassy
Provenance Of Cruelty - 1999 - Napalm
The Complex Bewitchment - 2000 - Napalm
Suicide - 2002 -Napalm

Mactätus image
B= Herr Bukkefot [Erik Brandvik] - Istar [Finn Tore Kjærsgaard]>>Svartahrid
K= Svartahrid>>FORN>>Svartahrid

The band was formed in 1989 as a black metal, albeit with keyboards. At first Hate was both the singer and the drummer. The group moved slowly issuing two demos in 1993 and 1996. A debut came out in 1997, but a demo called A Dark Journey was issued in 1998. This lead to a deal with Napalm Records of Austria which took on the band and its female vocals and keyboards sound.

Provenance Of Cruelty, which was produced by Samoth of Emperor, was followed by the re-release of the band’s debut by the new label. The debut was also announced for reappearnce through Moribund Cult. The band had asserted the French Embassy had ripped it off. Suicide - produced by Peter Tägtgren and issued in July - was prophetic in that it ended up being the band’s end.

Mactätus is Latin for slaughter and immolation. The band claimed Herr Bukkefot was involved in church burnings. Both Forn and former member Istar play in another band called Svartahrid.


There is scant little information about this band which is just as well because this way the focus is on the music. The quintet is Norwegian and the style is evident just by looking at the face paint and the flames in the photographs. The sound is a hard one to describe though. On the one hand it is the typical, by-the-numbers black metal emulated so effectively across the galaxy. On the other hand there are no direct comparisons at hand other than the fact that the act sounds like an Adipocere one. It is obvious that the band features adept musicians, a fact only ruined by the presence of the ever-annoying synthesizers all over the place. Once more real men are separated from the posers. As such, this is for fans of Emperor et al. - Ali "The Metallian"

Suicide is the fourth album of these derivative and keyboard-damaged rogue males from Norway. Kill yourself. Every Norwegian band strives to be Emperor and, guess what, they all have succeeded. Kill yourself. One band is weaker and more pompous than the other. Kill yourself. Content-wise the band delivers many harmonies and is lead by a screeching singer who wails as he raises his fist against the heavens. Kill yourself. The vocals are quite easy to decipher despite their brutal nature and a listener bent on the lyrics can understand much if listening intently. Kill yourself. All that aside, the intrusive and keyboard-induced melodies cast doubts upon the band's seriousness. Kill yourself. The band is indeed speed-oriented and has obtained a sharp guitar sound courtesy of Peter and the Abyss Studio. Kill yourself. Furthermore, there are strong and theme-related front and back cover photos on the CD. Kill yourself. Yet together, the latter two positives don't quite negate the pompous and trendy elements amassed here and do little to redeem the band and album. Kill yourself.