We Reserve The Right - 1985 - Jet
Monstrocity – 2017 - EMP

Madam X image
S= Bret Kaiser>>Speedway – Speedway>>BRET KAISER
G= Solo, Vixen>>MAXINE PETRUCCI>>Solo, Vixen
B= Godzilla>>Chris Doliber>>Godzilla
D= Vixen, Hell’s Belles, The Mob, The Mail Order Brides, Titania, Maxine Petrucci>>ROXY PETRUCCI>>Vixen, Maxine Petrucci, Hell’s Belles, The Mob, The Mail Order Brides, Titania

Born in Detroit and relocated to New York and then to Los Angeles Madam X was an over-the-top glam band formed by the Petrucci sisters. The two had moved to New York where they managed to gain some attention through their shapely legs and bassist Doliber’s hair-do. Don Arden of Jet Records signed the band. Kaiser was replaced (and would go on to form a band with his brother, thus continuing the 'sibling' tradition) by John Ward who, in turn, was replaced by future Skid Row man Sebastian Bach. With Doliber replaced and the deal falling through the band would not go much further.

The two sisters briefly reformed the band in 1991. The band returned in 2013. The bandsigned a deal with EMP, which would release the band’s Monstrocity album on October 31st. It was mixed by Michael Wagener.



Madam X