In The Name Of Rock - 1999 - Delinquent
New Sensation - 2002 - Perris
Animal - 2007 - Perris
Show No Mercy - 2013 - Perris

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S= Strangles Of Bombay, Sanction>>EDDIE SMITH
G= Michael V. Teeter - EDDIE SMITH - Scott Banks - CARL CULPEPPER
B= Sanction>>Steve Dietrich - 285>>Brad White - SKIP MULLIS

Mad Margritt was born in Miami in 1990, but has been based out of Atlanta since 1998. The founders were guitarist Eddie Smith and original bassist Steve and had picked up the nickname for the singer from their old band as their new moniker. Following a demo called Cold Sweat and an album on Alabama’s Delinquent Records in May of 1999, the group signed with Perris after the label’s president saw the band playing in Las Vegas. Derek St. Holmes, formerly of Ted Nugent, guested on the Perris debut. The band opened for Stephen Pearcy in 2003 and for Kiss and Poison in 2004. Mad Margritt recruited former 285 bassist Brad White in early 2004. Guitarist Scott Banks (a former sound engineer) was a member of the band in 2006 when the group shot a video for the song Cold Sweat. He had joined in the summer of 2005. Animal (initially called Tales From The Gutter) was recorded at the band’s own studio (although originally planned for Houston) and was issued in September. Skip Mullis next joined on bass. The mad men played South Texas Rock Fest in 2008 before some 30,000 people even though Mad Margritt was involved in a van accident earlier in the year. The band shot a video for the song Don't Say A Word during its Halloween 2008 show at Buffalos in Georgia. Mad Margritt performed at Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma on July 12th 2009. Due to a recent health issue, guitarist Scott Banks was unable to perform at Rocklahoma. Filling in for Scott was guitarist Anar Seville. In early 2010 the band announced that it would be working with producer Beau Hill for its next album. Beau had produced numerous multi-platinum albums by artists such as Ratt, Warrant and Winger. The new album wasn’t expected to be finished until later that year, but in the meantime the band was releasing a Beau Hill re-mix of the song Ruling Me from its Animal album.

Perris Records announced the worldwide release of Show No Mercy, a new CD by Atlanta rockers Mad Margritt. The nine-song CD hit stores on July 16th, 2013. Only Smith was left from previous incarnations.


Who is Margritt? I don't know, but she sure can sound like one Poison-ous chick. Once again, the biography provides scant information, but Mad Margritt had an EP several years ago if memory serves me correctly. The quartet writes good songs, that are uplifting while steered by simplicity. The band's Poison/Warrant-meets-early Bryan Adams music is loads of fun, but not exactly the right stuff for a heavy metal fan. It's just a tad too catchy and upbeat - brashness aside - for the metal-monger to tolerate. Not to mention that MM exude a good time, sunshine, fun and a penchant for rocking loudly more than anything else. Midnight Rendezvous, for instance, is one catchy song. Sensations (Afterglow) is a short acoustic piece which is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. Can't Get Over You is a ballad reminiscent of Poison. The song features an impressive vocal performance. Someone To Love is a song about a promise. It is upbeat and reminiscent of Poison. Believe is another slow song, except this one is too sappy and poppy in intention for its own good. Long Way From Home would have been a hit in 1988 and ends with the type of shred the band should utilize more. TNT is AC/DC rehashed and the album ends with the song Lost In The Wind which is yet another slow song. Mad Margritt has what it takes to become big in the glam scene were they to reduce the number of ballads and deliver a good live show. - Ali "The Metallian"


Mad Margritt