Mad Max - 1983 - Roof
Rollin’ Thunder - 1984 - Roadrunner
Stormchild - 1985 - Roadrunner
Night Of Passion - 1987 - Roadrunner
Never Say Never - 1999 - Point
Night Of White Rock - 2006 - AOR Heaven
White Sands - 2007 - AOR Heaven
Here We Are - 2008 - A-Minor
Welcome America - 2010 - A-Minor
Another Night Of Passion - 2011 - SPV
Interceptor - 2013 - SPV
35 – 2018 – SPV
Stormchild Rising – 2020 - SPV
Wings Of Time - 2022 - ROAR

Mad Max image
Andreas Baesler - Vamp, Helter Skelter, Sinner, Pretty Maids, Bonfire, Demon Drive, Charade, Wolfpakk, Supremacy>>Michael Voss>>Sinner, Pretty Maids, Bonfire, Demon Drive, Charade, Wolfpakk, Supremacy - JULIAN ROLINGER

Tanner, Solo>>JÜRGEN BREFORTH>>Solo - Wilfried Schneider>>Carrie - Jaws>>Christoph Wegmann - Lovehunter, Under The Rose, Valhalla, Ela, FB1964>>DETHY BORCHARDT>>FB1964

Thomas Hoffman - Jürgen Sander - Tanner>>Carsten Tischer - Roland Bergman - Waste, Frontline, Domain, Evidence One, State Of Rock>>Thomas "Hutch" Bauer>>Evidence One, State Of Rock - Inquiring Blood, Velvet Viper, Jutta Weinhold>>FABIAN RANFT>>Jutta Weinhold

Uwe Starck>>Carrie - Tanner>>Yogi Spittka>>Radiation Romeos - Jaded heart>>Axel Kruse>>Phantom 5 - Mark Shulman - Jaded Heart, Phantom 5>>AXEL KRUSE>>Phantom 5

History & Biography
Münster, Germany’s Mad Max was formed in 1981 and issued a self-titled LP in 1982, which a year later was issued by Roof Music. With Andreas Baesler out, a Michael Voss-fronted band signed with Roadrunner Records. Several member changes followed establishing Jürgen Breforth as the anchor of Mad Max.

Voss and Breforth reformed the band in 1999 after a ten-year absence. The band again reformed in 2006. The band was booked for the second edition of Brainstorm Festival in 2009. Re-release label Metal Mind Productions of Poland was re-releasing early Mad Max albums, Mad Max, Rollin’ Thunder, Stormchild and Night Of Passion at the end of 2009. Each release was limited to 2,000 copies. Mad Max (not the warrior) was confirmed for 2010’s edition of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place on 5th-7th August in Wacken, Germany. The band was to play a set of its 25-years-jubilee-album Here We Are (2008).

Wolfpakk was a new melodic metal project by former Crystal Ball singer Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss of Mad Max and Casanova. The duo had organized guest appearances by Paul Di’Anno, Ripper Owens, Paul Shortino and others. Mad Max signed with SPV in 2011 and was to issue Another Night Of Passion (named after the band’s 80s album Night Of Passion) in March of 2012. Mad Max would release a new album, Interceptor, on October 28th, 2013 through Steamhammer/SPV. The cover artwork for the album was created by Thomas Ewerhard and actually referred to the film, Mad Max. Mad Max released a new album, called 35, through Steamhammer in August 2018. Singer Emre "Emmo" Acar came and went in 2020/2021. Julian Rolinger replaced him. Dethy Borchardt became the second guitarist in 2022. Wings Of Time was on ROAR, which had also signed Mystic Prophecy. Iron Savior was co-headlining a tour with Mystic Prophecy in November 2024. The Hellfire '24 Tour would see both bands, supported by Mad Max (with a 40th Anniversary set), playing in Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands.



Mad Max