Magic Circle – 2013 - Armageddon Shop
Journey Blind – 2015 - 20 Buck Spin


S= Mind Eraser, Souls Swallower, Battle Ruins>>BRENDAN RADIGAN>>Mind Eraser, Souls Swallower, Battle Ruins
G= Mentally Challenged, Mind Eraser>>CHRIS CORRY>>Mentally Challenged, Mind Eraser - DAN DUCAS
B= Righteous Jams, Shot Dead, Mind Eraser, Innumerable Forms, Stone Dagger>>JUSTIN DETORE>>Innumerable Forms, Stone Dagger, Righteous Jams, Shot Dead, Mind Eraser
D= Doomriders>>Q>>Doomriders


The Massachusetts-based band was formed in 2011. The band issued a 7” single in 2012. Armageddon Shop issued the band’s 2013 debut. Magic Circle's second LP Journey Blind was issued through 20 Buck Spin. Journey Blind saw its initial release on CD on November 20th with the vinyl to follow in early 2016. The band was booking a series of Northeastern US tour dates for the winter and spring months in support of its 20 Buck Spin-released Journey Blind sophomore LP.

Several members were in Mind Eraser.



Magic Circle