Chronicles Of Dissention - 1993 - G.W.B.

S= Embittered>>Shaun Stephenson>>Embittered
G= Darren O’Hara>>Cerecloth - RICH MUMFORD>>Monstrance, Austerymn - Lament>>MARK MCGOWAN
B= Embittered>>Mark Fox>>Embittered
D= Phil Slack - Embittered>>Alistair Dunn

Malediction out of Middlesbrough was one of the unluckier underground death metal bands. The group was born as Neurosis and that is how it went. Everything started well enough with several demos in 1990 and 1991, and even a split tape with Cradle Of Filth called A Pungent And Sexual Miasma, but past a live album in 1993 through GWB the band has not had much success issuing albums. Something called The Tears That Precede Birth was announced and then cancelled. The group began working with the weak Arctic Serenades and announced a full-length called The Millennium Cotillion there as well only to see that label bite the dust. The band, which had lost most of its members at this point, issued a 2000 demo called Shadows Of Iniquity. An album was then announced for 2002. Nothing.