The Release - 1990 - Epidemic
Premeditated Murder - 1992 - Epidemic
Get Down - 1994 - Cargo

S= Missing Link>>JAMES CAVALLUZZO [JIMI LAMORT]>>Missing Link
G= Rob Wright - Dave Kiner>>Bleed - Chris Scahill
B= Dave Kiner - Steve Jelliman
D= John Carss
K= Steve Crowhurst

Toronto-based Malhavoc has its roots in 1983 and the city’s burgeoning death/thrash metal scene. The unknown band issued The Destruction Starts demo of 1983, The Destruction Continues of 1984 and Age Of The Dark Renaissance (working title: Why Are These Buildings Still Standing?) from 1986. Early members were singer Cavalluzzo and drummer Carss, although Malhavoc would veer towards an Industrial sound and drum machine orientation. The band’s first full-length CD would still be self-released. It was called Shrine and issued in 1998. Local label Epidemic would give the band, whose singer had garnered a reputation for stage antics, a forum for its debut in 1990. By this time the band had opened for Fugazi, Frontline Assembly, Pigface and Gwar. The industrial metal sound - which Cavalluzzo thought sounds sexual - of the band was promoted and hyped leading to the follow-up being licensed by Metal Blade for the USA. Unfortunately for the band, Montreal distributor Cargo records would be the band’s next label by the time 1994 hit. Skinny Puppy’s Dave Ogilvie engineered Get Down. The band went into hiatus but would come back with a demo in 1988 and yet another in 2000. Another seven years passed and a whole new line-up would announce its return.

Cavalluzzo is into mixing and remixing industrial sound, acting as a DJ and has guested on synthesizers on Soulstorm’s album, Darkness Visible.