Of Shape And Balance - 1999 - Mastervox
Deviation From The Flow - 2005 - Spinefarm
Triangular - 2008 - Spinefarm
Turning Tides - 2014 - Sensory

Malpractice image
S= Mika Uronen - Reversion, Soulcage>>ALEKSI PARVIAINEN>>Reversion, Soulcage
G= Omnium Gatherum, Manala, Gore Penetration, Manitou>>MARKUS VANHALA>>Gore Penetration, Omnium Gatherum, Manitou, Manala - Manitou, Crowmoor, Vital Signs, HateFrame, To/Die/For>>JOONAS KOTO>>HateFrame, To/Die/For
B= Rusted Shame, Macon Dead>>JONAS MÄKI
D= New Dawn Foundation>>Miikka Tikka>>New Dawn Foundation - Reversion, Amoth, To/Die/For, Hevein>>TONI PAANANEN>>Hevein

Not to be confused with the Norwegian thrashers, Malpractice is a Finnish band featuring a couple of semi-known Finnish goth or metal musicians. The band started in 1994 as a thrash metal band and issued a demo called memorial two years later. The band was heard on Black mark’s Out Of The Box II sampler. Another demo, called Frozen, followed. Seeking a recording contract the band recorded a full-length, which ended up being its debut. Following a long hiatus and another demo recording the band signed with Spinefarm and issued its second album, Deviation From The Flow, in 2005. Mika Uronen left the band following eleven years of service in 2007. Triangular was out in 2008 and even entered the Finnish charts. Aleksi Parviainen (Reversion and Soulcage) was the singer.

In 2014, the band signed with Sensory Records. An album called Turning Tides was due that summer. The behind-the-scenes Turning Tides documentary featured the members self-recording at various locations throughout Finland early that year.


The Finnish quintet that is Malpractice is back with a new album three years after its predecessor and featuring a new singer, namely Aleksi Parviainen. So, is Triangular just what the doctor ordered to lift this band from the malaise of anonymity or is it just another record in the stable of Spinefarm that will make little noise outside its Finnish confines? The prognosis, unfortunately for the band, is the latter. With the band reverting to its heavier roots, Triangular is a little less Dream Theatre and a little more heavy metal. Songs titles like Platform, Waves (instrumental) and Fragments still strongly hint at a prog rock flavour, but there is plenty of heavy metal proper all over this, not to mention a very Metallica-like song called Deception.
Whatever the case, and there is nothing truly trite here, Malpractice remains an average band in the sea of albums and releases with its songs, vocals, production and rather boring cover artwork. The band is content to play to the confines and given that, the album remains within its three sides and edges. - Ali “The Metallian”