Pulse>>MAMA’S BOYS>>The Government - IRELAND

Plug It In - 1982 - Pussy
Turn It Up - 1983 - Spartan
Mama’s Boys - 1984 - Jive
Power And Passion - 1985 - Jive
Growing Up The Hard Way - 1987 - Jive
Live Tonite - 1991 - MFN
Relativity - 1992 - Independent

S= Pat McManus>>Celtus - CONOR MCKEAN - Graffiti>>Rick Chase - Airrace, Moontier>>Keith Murrell>>Cliff Richard, Phenomena, Lionheart - Mike Wilson
G= PAT MCMANUS>>Celtus, Indian
B= JOHN MCMANUS>>Celtus, Fastway
D= Tommy McManus - Jim Degrasso>> Fiona, Y&T, MD.45, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Alice Cooper, F5, Hail

The McManus brothers were three big fans of Irish rock band Horslips who decided to form their own band in Northern Ireland in 1978. The brothers would cite their Horslips influence at every interview and often admit to following their idols around. The band was initially called Pulse and covered songs by AC/DC and Thin Lizzy, but changed its name to Mama’s Boys to capitalize on the members’ sibling relationship. Prior to this, the group had begun with the brothers simply jamming on acoustic guitars without serious intentions. Pat played the violin, one played the pipes and Tommy played Egyptian drums made of goat skin. The press often gave the band ample room partly due to it featuring three brothers. The group opened for Horslips at the formative 1979 stage and issued a demo called The Official Bootleg in 1980. With bands in their neck of the woods being scarce, the hard rock brothers soon scored gigs with Thin Lizzy (farewell tour) and Hawkwind. The group was signed by Jive Records and - in a manner similar to Quiet Riot - hit the USA with a cover version of Mama Weer All Crazee Now by Slade. The band toured the USA with Ratt and Twisted Sister. Chris Tsangarides, who had worked with Thin Lizzy before, produced Power And Passion. The title was supposedly inspired by a fan telling the band it had 'a lot of power and passion.' The first pressing of the album came with a picture disc. It featured an interview with the band. Unfortunately, Tommy suffered a relapse of Leukaemia in 1985 and was in and out of hospital being replaced by Jimmy DeGrasso - the brothers not willing to wait for their sibling. Keith Murell replaced Chase for Growing Up The Hard Way. This softer album was the end of the collaboration with the singer and the label. Live Tonite was recorded on tour in 1990. The band threw in the towel in 1993 after another relapse by Tommy and a lack of general success had brought the band to its knees. The group had incidentally moved to England at this point. An attempt to go modern and be called The Government failed of course.



Mama's Boys