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Merchants In Metal - 1986 - Killerwatt

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B= Witch, Warning, Kamax, Slowgate>>Jan Blomqvist>>Slowgate
D= Ingemar Lundberg

Maninnya Blade was formed in Boden, northern Sweden in 1980. The band adopted a speed metal style different from the members’ heavy metal past. Leif initially was also on guitar. Mike Wead, who would end up in Hexenhaus and Mercyful Fate, would take over for the next demo. Platina Records issued a single for the band in 1984 called The Barbarian/Ripper Attack. With Jerry Rutström on guitar the band was knocking down Stockholm where it was now based. The band finally issued a popular underground LP in 1986. Jerry left the band and was replaced by Andreas Palm (formerly Damien). The band got into a dispute with its English label and was soon homeless. 1987 brought two demos with overlapping material, namely Incubus and Tribal Warfare. With success still eluding the band the group changed its name to Maninnya. The band then changed names to Hexenhaus, but with no original Maninnya Blade members left Mike Wead/Michael Vikström was in charge.

The band reformed in 1995 and recorded some music, but with the band members being dispersed it came to naught. Instead, a couple of the members formed Slowgate. A 2001 sampler called A Demonic Mistress From The Past featured old unreleased material. A 2006 compilation, Undead, Unborn... Alive, re-released the band’s material. Max Piltz of Dark Legions joined on drums and the band was working on a record called Tools Of Destruction.



Maninnya Blade