...Start Killing - 2004 - Retribute
The Human Condition - 2007 - Relapse
No Tolerance For Imperfection - 2009 - Relapse
Peace Was Never An Option - 2013 - Lifeforce

S= Confusion Corporation, Godplayer>>JOE MCGLYNN>>Godplayer
G= Confusion Corporation, Godplayer>>ALAN MCFARLAND>>Godplayer
B= Confusion Corporation, Co-Exist>>Danny Mcnab>>Co-Exist - Cradle Of Filth>>Daniel Firth>>Cradle Of Filth – Madman Is Absolute, Co-Exist>>JAMES WRIGHT>>Co-Exist
D= Regorge>>John Lee - Madman Is Absolute, Sons Of Slaughter>>Matt Holland>>Zillah - The Infernal Sea>>James Burke>>The Infernal Sea – Bloodevil, Eversin, Nuclear Simphony, Vital Science>>TONY CORIO>>Bloodevil, Nuclear Simphony, Vital Science

Glasgow, Scotland’s Man Must Die is a technical death metal band formed in October of 2002. The band issued a debut demo, The Season Of Evil, only a year later. The group obtained a deal with Retribute Records and issued an album that was produced by Jean-Francois Dagenais of Kataklysm. The same team worked on The Human Condition. Kataklysm and Man Must Die toured together in 2010, but the members’ side-project, Godplayer, had already played with Kataklysm. The band’s first overseas foray was The Maryland Death Festival in May of 2004. The band was signed by Relapse Records by the time the second album hit in 2007. Matt Holland joined in late autumn of 2008. The group recorded its third album, No Tolerance For Imperfection, in England. Man Must Die added a second guitar player to its ranks in 2009. Rene Hauffe from German grinders Japanische Kampfhörspiele joined in the summer. Todd Hansen of The Berzerker became the drummer in 2012. Man Must Die signed a deal with Lifeforce Records. The band was at Valvetone recording a new album called Peace Was Never An Option. James Wright became the bassist in 2017, while Tony Corio joined on drum. 2019 brought an EP called Gagging Order that featured a few new tracks.



Man Must Die