Mardelas I – 2015 – Nexus
Mardelas II – 2016 – Nexus
Mardelas III – 2018 - Nexus

Mardelas image
G= Sex Machineguns, Screaming Symphony>>KIKYO OIKAWA>>Screaming Symphony
B= Silex, Nova-Era, Light Bringer, Alhambra, Dragon Guardian, Solo>>Hibiki>>Light Bringer, Alhambra, Dragon Guardian, Solo, Saber Tiger - Screaming Symphony>>HISAYUKI MOTOISHI>>Screaming Symphony
D= Saber Tiger, Light Bringer>>Hideaki Yumida>>Light Bringer

This heavy metal band came together through Marina’s effort in Tokyo in 2014. Marina had just left Destrose. The band’s first show was in Nagoya in the same year. The band issued its own single Daybreak/Phantasia. Nexus signed the band and issued the 2015 debut, Mardelas I. The band appeared at Oni-Con XII 2015 in USA. Masha was the band’s second and touring guitarist. He was also on the departed Hibiki’s solo album. The group appeared at Connichi 2017 in Kassel, Germany. This appearance was repeated for 2018. The 2019 EP Ground Zero featured Mao of Light Bringer on keyboards. The video for Apocalypse from the same EP was reminiscent of Light Bringer’s Noah. Of course, many like Accept, and the song Midnight Mover, had used the same camera movement before. Hideaki Yumida left in 2020.The band was booked for Pure Rock Japan Live 2021. Aldious was also appearing. The band’s Mardelas IV was expected in 2021. The act was issuing the Mardelas Official Bootleg Vol.1 –Faith In Tomorrow- video in the autumn of 2021. It featured a live Tokyo performance from July and bonus material. It was the band’s first live Blu-ray. In advance of the IV album, Mardelas was independently releasing a single called Infinite Trinity on January 26th 2022. The band was promising that the tracks would be exclusive to the release.