Dragon’s Kiss - 1988 - Shrapnel
Scenes - 1992 - Shrapnel
Introduction - 1995 - Shrapnel
True Obsessions - 1996 - Shrapnel
Loudspeaker - 2007 - Shrapnel
Live In Europe - 2008 - Avex/Mascot
Future Addict - 2008 - Avex
Tokyo Jukebox - 2009 - Avex
Bad D.N.A. - 2010 – Avex
Tokyo Jukebox 2 – 2011 - Avex
Inferno - 2014 - Prosthetic
Wall Of Sound – 2017 - Prosthetic
Tokyo Jukebox 3 – 2021 - Avex
Drama - 2024 - Frontiers

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Aloha, Deuce, Hawaii, Cacophony, Megadeth, Ami Suzuki, Lovefixer>>MARTY FRIEDMAN [MARTIN FRIEDMAN]>>Cacophony, Megadeth, Deuce, Thanks II, Cocks Of Doom, Ami Suzuki, Lovefixer



History & Biography
Marty Friedman is an accomplished American guitarist who began in the metal realm and drifted into rock and pop. Aside from numerous solo material he was the guitarist for Megadeth in its glory days. Friedman played on five albums for Megadeth, from the thrashing Rust In Piece in 1990 to the commercial Risk in 1999. At the time, he denounced heavy metal as limiting. His replacement in Megadeth was Al Pitrelli of Savatage. Friedman teamed up with Michael Schenker in 2001 to record an album using the Thank II monicker. More recently, he has resided in Japan. He speaks Japanese fluently. He hosted several Japanese TV shows, like Rock Fujiyama, and tours with Japanese acts when his schedule allows. The Exhibit B DVD arrived before Exhibit A on these shores. In 2013, issued Exotic Guitar for adding a live guitar sound to a variety of musical genres. The loops were recorded by guitarist Marty Friedman. In late 2013, Marty Friedman was working on what he called his heaviest album to date. He was in California working on an album due in January, 2014. Marty Friedman picked Inferno as the title for his next solo album, which was due in early 2014 through Prosthetic Records. Guests on the record are Children Of Bodom's Alexi Laiho and Friedman's band-mate in Cacophony, Jason Becker. Marty Friedman would release a new solo album, called Wall Of Sound, on August 4th 2017 through Prosthetic Records. It is self-produced. Friedman was touring the USA with Scale The Summit and The Fine Constant. Marty Friedman would tour the USA in early 2019. A money-making and elitist scheme was in effect where fans could meet the man by paying extra. Friedman contributed to the latest Ayreon album in 2020. Marty Friedman released a new covers’ album, called Tokyo Jukebox 3, through Mascot in April 2021. The record was issued in Japan in 2020. Tokyo Jukebox was issued in 2009 while Tokyo Jukebox 2 was issued in 2011. The series featured covers of Japanese songs. Another ‘Jukebox’ instrumental album appeared in late 2020/early 2021. Friedman was a guest during the encore of the Megadeth concert in Tokyo in 2023. Friedman opened for Queensrÿche on tour in the USA in 2023. Friedman joined Megadeth on stage at Wacken again. Friedman's solo band and Megadeth were part of the line-up of bands that summer. Marty Friedman was announced as opener for The Creatures in the USA in the winter of 2024. Marty Friedman released a new album, entitled Drama, through Frontiers Music in May 2024. It was recorded in Italy. The man was booked at Jakarta, Indonesia’s Hammersonic 2024 festival. Other bands performing were Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying, Fear Factory, Yngwie Malmsteen and Nervosa.

Friedman was born in Washington DC, but grew up in Hawaii hence the monicker for his many early bands.


What a surprise to hear Marty Friedman shred metal like this after all his statements several years ago telling anybody and everybody how he much prefers pop to metal. He has recovered from his distaste for heavy metal. The current deluxe packaging is a recording of the former Hawaii, Cacophony, Megadeth guitarist in 2007 at an undisclosed location or locations tearing things up. Mascot Records has invested some dough in Friedman’s record and come up with a better package than even Paul Gilbert’s recent studio album. Not only the bulk of the material is truly heavy, but also the axe man has not lost his feel or fluidity. Elixir has some heavy chugging to go with it and Gimme A Dose even reminds one of a Megadeth song. The amazing guitarring continues through the album until the very end where the band - including second guitarist Ron Jarzombek - ends up performing a version of Elvis’ Hound Dog. Here we know why the album is an instrumental. The vocals are weak and used in the worst context.
Marty still has his locks, his chops and is pictured wearing a 'Rock' necklace and even if one is always reluctant with albums like this (instrumental shredding and a live recording) this surpasses all expectations. Not sure what Exhibit A refers to, although there can be a video of this coming which would be Exhibit B. Let us hope Freidman soon uses his music in the context of songs in a real band. - Sheila Wes Det


Marty Friedman