For The Universe - 1984 - Megaton
Darkness At Time’s Edge - 1985 - Metalloid
Circle Of 8 – 2011 - Metal Blade
You Are Next – 2016 - Into The LimeLight
Live In Japan – 2019 - Pt78
Planet Metalhead – 2022 - Pt78

Martyr image
S= Robert Van Haren>>Medallion, Mindscape - Gerard Vergouw - Medallion, Mindscape>>ROBERT VAN HAREN>>Medallion, Mindscape
G= Syrenade>>RICK BOUWMAN>>Syrenade - Bee For Honey>>Marcel Heesakkers>>Bee For Honey - Bee For Honey>>Marcel Heesakkers>>Bee For Honey – Twister Of Truth, Downcast Collision>>GEOFFREY MAAS
B= Scarface, Jewel, Reviver>>Antoine Van Der Linden>>Jewel, Reviver – Scarface, Jewel, Reviver>>Antoine Van Der Linden – Jackal, Raiser, Orange Outlaw>>Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger>>Orange Outlaw, Mutator – Natural Science, Project Pain>>VINNIE WASSINK>>Project Pain
D= Elias Papadopoulos>>Bee For Honey - Medallion, Mindscape>>Wilfried Broekman>>Mindscape, Medallion – Sectarian, Desensitised, Nightqueen, Essence Of Dawn>>RICK VALCON

The first of many metal bands with this name to die for the cause, including a later Dutch band, the band was formed in Utrecht near Amsterdam in 1982 by Bouwman and schoolmate and drummer Peter Van Loenen and issued a demo called If It's Too Loud You're Too Old! Metal Torture was up next. The band was fronted by singer Robert Van Haren - also the group’s sound engineer - at this point. Gerard Vergouw took over in time for the debut the year after. Papadopoulos replaced Peter Van Loenen who would be heard later in Syrenade with Bouwman. The group toured with Exciter in 1985. The group closed the Metal Massacre VI compilation with the song En Masse - Stand Or Die. Van Haren would return a year later. The second album would single-handedly crush the entire line-up with only Bouwman left standing. Elias and Marcel had departed. He too would leave in 1989 and kill the band. Guus Riteco, later of Mindscape, would be the bassist until 1989. Love On The Line would be the band’s last demo of the era.

The group performed one show in 2001 at the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival. The band reformed with Vergouw on vocals in 2005. The group played the Keep It True festival. In an apparent act of revenge, Van Haren had replaced Vergouw in 2006. Martyr opened for Lizzy Borden in Europe in December of 2008. Rusty Cage Records issued the band’s Fear EP in 2009. This EP and the band’s debut album were packaged as Fear The Universe. A show was performed without bassist Antoine in September of 2009 in The Netherlands.

Metal Blade Records announced November 8th, 2011 as the release date for Circle Of 8 by Dutch band Martyr. You Are Next was issued through Into the LimeLight Records of The Netherlands and featured a Metallian Towers’ serf on its cover. Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger was on bass. The band travelled to Japan in early 2019 and taped a live album there. Geoffrey Maas was on second guitar. Rick Valcon was on the stool.

The Netherlands-based act issued an album called Planet Metalhead through Pt78 Records. Rock Stakk picked it up for Japan. It too featured a Metallian Towers’ serf as its cover model. The band was booked for multiple festivals in 2022. These included Metal Attack Festival 2022, Fuizenfest and Metal Experience.