Requiem - 1991 - Osmose
Sacro - 1995 - Lorito
Muerte Verdadera Muerte - 2001 - Decade
Total Death - 2004 - Hateworks
Brutal Aggre666ion – 2014 - Morbida
Evil Death Live! – 2016 – Demonic War Cult
Legendeath – 2017 – Psychophony
Sangre En Mi Tieraa – Muerte Total – 2017 - Rulosupay
En Vivo Medellin 1993 – 2021 – American Line

Masacre image
S= Ekhymosis, Pirokinesis, Dia De Los Muertos, Morbid Macabre, Confusion>>ALEX “TRAPEDOR” OQUENDO>>Dia De Los Muertos, Morbid Macabre, Confusion
G= La Pestilencia>>Juan Carlos Gomez>>La Pestilencia, Eternal, T-Machines - Pirokinesis>>Alsjandro Saldarriaga - Morbid Macabre, Carbure>>JORGE LONDONO>>Morbid Macabre, Carbure – La Pestilencia, Eternal, T-Machines>>JUAN CARLOS GOMEZ>>T-Machines
B= La Pestilencia>>Dilson Diaz>>La Pestilencia, Confusion - Morbid Macabre, Murder, Remembrance Of Pain>>ALVARO ALVAREZ>>Morbid Macabre, Murder, Remembrance Of Pain
D= Sacrilegio, Ekhymosis, Aggressor, Tenebrarum, Neurosis>>Mauricio “Bull Metal” Montoya>>Tenebrarum, Neurosis, Typhon, Agressor - Victor Gallego – La Corte, Sedicion, Purulent, Azul Profundo, Vulgarxito, Awaken>>Mauricio Reyes>>La Corte, Ares, Cromlech, Soulburner, Bestialized, Steel White, Shadowlit Mind, K-Nuto Power Trio, Rated R, Savage’s Torment, Dark Manthra, Endark, Guerra Total, Cruelty Society, Darkness Almighty – Planta Cadaver, Yogth Sothoth, Metal King, Agressor>>Mauricio Londono Palacio>>Agressor, Metal King, Typhon – Wilson Henao – WILSON HENAO

Born in the heart of the drug-infested Medellin area of Colombia in 1988 Masacre released a number of crude death metal albums with Spanish lyrics. The first of these was 1989’s Colombia... Imperio Del Terror with Mauricio Montoya on drums. 1990’s Cáncer De Nuestros Días actually featured a bassist called Alejandro Saldarriaga. The 1991 Ola De Violencia demo lead to a deal with the upstart Osmose Productions in France and an album called Requiem. This album was dedicated to the dead Dead from Norway’s Mayhem. The group toured South America on the back of the album. Osmose issued a split CD, featuring the Ola De Violencia demo, for the band with Profanatica a year later. A 1993 EP, called Barbarie Y Sangre En Memoria De Cristo, demonstrated that the band is no longer contracted with Osmose as did 1995’s Sacro sophomore full-length. Masacre stated that Osmose had not paid it due royalty. The band disappeared for 6 years until a 2001 album/sign of life. The 2001 record was co-founder Juan Carlos Gomez’s last until his return in 2009. 2004’s Total Death differed from its predecessors by utilizing the English language. It was recorded in 2003. It was mixed and mastered by Morbid Angel’s Erik Rutan. Total Death was distributed by Xtreem Music in Europe. Drummer Wilson Henao was with the band between 2004 and 2008, left and returned in 2019.

2012 was a 2013 7” single through Non Serviam, which was recorded in Mexico. A new full-length emerged in 2014. Brutal Aggre666ion was supported through a video for the song Donde Habita El Mal. Another Londono was on drums. Evil Death Live! was recorded in Colombia in 1991. Legendeath was recorded in 1992. Sangre En Mi Tieraa – Muerte Total stemmed from a show in Argentina in 1994. The band next unearthed a full-length video and issued it as Live In Ruins ’92 in the summer of 2019. A demo compilation was the subject of a box set called Metal Medallo Demos in 2020. American Line issued another live recording in 2021. This one stemmed from 1993. Drummer Victor Gallego died in 2005. Also dead was earlier drummer Montoya. Singer Alex Okendo has been the sole constant in the line-up.

The Masacre members and their early raw necro sound have been cited as an influence on the Norwegian metal scene including Mayhem. Bull Metal was the owner of Warmaster Records, which issued the Mayhem bootleg The Dawn Of The Black Hearts, which featured a photo of the corpse of Mayhem’s Dead. The album was issued in 1995.


Prior to corporate magazines and Johnny-come-latelies started to call sell-out commercial acts like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity death metal the sub-genre had a timbre all its own. That belief and that attitude are unremittingly alive with Colombia's Masacre.
Last time the sounds of the brutalizers was heard at Metallian Towers was 1991's Requiem which was issued through Osmose Production. The band and album were bestial and exceedingly primitive. Fast forward to 2004 and the band is a fully developed death metal band that, while not delivering anything particularly new, performs the basics exceedingly well. In fact, Total Death (the band is not kidding here), is quite seriously excellent in sound, production, tone, lead solos and vocals. By the time track five surges forth one has no reason but to fully trust the band's "death metal forever" chant. Fact is that every song is constructed on a number of stimulating and provocative parts that are death metal at its finest. Even a song like Wrath Intense Pain manages to convince without question in spite of its relatively melodic construct.
Masacre compels one to get off the fence for there are no in-betweens. - Ali "The Metallian"