Mathias - 2001 - No Face
The Blue Album - 2006 - No Face

Mathias image

This man-band hails from the UK, but otherwise nothing is known about him.


Mathias is essentially the solo act of the artist of the same name who nonetheless has utilized the services of a guitarist, bassist and female backing singer on this album. Sad to say, but the album is a waste of time for everyone. It is as if the songs were thrown together as a collection of riffs and beats leftover from somewhere. With half-baked ideas and sub-par music on nearly every song, it is left to the occasional metal shredding to rescue this album from a very low mark. Mathias’ singing is nothing to write home about and the music, whether fast or slow, is sometimes metal, sometimes rock, sometimes like Marilyn Manson and never interesting. The effects and the shabby production add insult to the boredom. Why a label would sign this is unclear unless the man is also a proprietor of the company. - Anna Tergel

MATHIAS - II (Blue Album) - NO FACE  
The second Mathias album follows its predecessor without a proper title and hence the II or Blue Album designation for the sequence or colour of the disc’s jacket. Very much like the man’s debut, the nice tracks recorded and presented here are stale and substandard in every respect. The biggest difference between this and the other album is the production, which has greatly improved. Gone are the effects and muddy sound and in has come a clear representation of Mathias and his vision. Sadly, the brighter the picture the uglier the crud. The musical output is elementary, hardly interesting and longwinded. The album is neither heavy nor manages to make an emotional connection with the listener. Often the album sounds like a vehicle for Mathias to rap about his attitude like an angry poet with guitars wailing in the background. This is bad. - Anna Tergel