Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish Ghastliness - 2003 - Razorback
Back From The Funeral - 2011 – Razorback
Eating Your Fucking Brains – 2014 - Putrescense

S= Gehenna, Necrotomie, Incantation>>Rick “Slim” Boast - Legionary>>Tim Rocheny – Warhead, Bitter Peace, Immolith, Cabazagorath, Blasphemetory, Disma>>HRIS DEMYDENKO>>Cabazagorath, Blasphemetory, Disma
G= Necrotomie>>Phil Newbaker - Gehenna, Necrotomie, Engorge, Morpheus Descends>>ADAM KEGG>>Engorge, Morpheus Descends - Gehenna, Necrotomie>>CRAIG STILES
B= Brimstone, Exile, Morpheus Descends, Incantation, Engorge>>ROB YENCH>>Exile, Morpheus Descends, Engorge
D= Gehenna, Incantation, Necrotomie, Exile>>Rick “Slim” Boast>>Exile – Disciples Of Mockery, Engorge, Goreaphobia, Incantation, Terror, Mr. Grim, The Primitive>>JIM ROE>>Terror, Mr. Grim, The Primitive

Mausoleum was unearthed in 2001. The gore metal - actually 'zombie cult death metal' - band signed with Razorback Records. There were reports of a second album in 2004, but nothing materialized. Progress was reported in 2007. Phil Newbaker died in 2009. Stiles joined for the second album. Eating Your Fucking Brains was a live album that was originally issued independently in 2013. Mausoleum’s Cadaveric Displays From The Funeral compilation was out through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in December 2017. Mausoleum and Anatomia had a split record through Horror Pain Gore Death in late 2020. This was re-issued by HPGD in 2021. Chris was on vocals now.


Mausoleum is a relatively new Pennsylvania band with a bloodline. The 'Zombie Cult Death Metal' band features members of Incantation and Morpheus Descends. Obviously, and given the description and association, the band plays gore metal. Although this has less to do with Necrophagia than Autopsy. Add Saint Vitus and Unleashed's debut to Autopsy and the result can be found in Mausoleum. The album even features a cover of Autopsy's Destined To Fester. The band has made sure the CD has a muddy and flat sound for that authentic 1991 demo feeling! This one is solely for Flesh Fiends, those who have undergone Regurgitated Rebirth or were Entombed In The Womb! - Ali "The Metallian"