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For Those About To Shit We Salute You - 1992 - Discord
Fuck Frenzy - 1992 - Wild Rags
Ecstasy Of Death - 1993 - Moribund
The Second Degree Of Torture - 1996 - Gulli
Gorenography - 2002 - Moribund

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“Brown metal” band Meat Shits was lead by a very angry man in California called Robert Deathrage in 1988. The group became more than Robert after female bassist Scruff Muff approached the guitarist to form an actual band. They recorded the Bowel Rot demo. The band and man were known for homophobia (Sniper At The Fag Parade or Homosexual Slaughter), gore, horror and misogyny, something that Robert claimed got more acute as time went by and he became the subject of more attacks. Robert would also admit to heavy drug usage. Legend has it that during the Meat Shits second ever show, where the band was opening for Primus, a waitress went into fits from Robert’s stage banter and subsequently died en route to the hospital. The band’s first demo had several hundred songs. With titles like Fuck Frenzy, Fag Killer, Mental Midget, Menstrual Samples, Regurgitated Semen (possibly an ode to chain junk food 'burgers') and Eat My Fuck it was hardly a wonder that Meat Shits were shocking - not to mention the band’s monicker.

The band’s definitive release was Ecstasy Of Death (likely not a tribute to 'Chuck'), which was issued by Moribund Records in 1993 and contained a mere 55 tracks. On the album’s insert Robert sported an Anal Cunt sweatshirt and many pornographic photographs were included. The band was essentially Robert, but characters like Jeff, Les, Acy, Sami and Manuel also contributed. The band officially came to an end in 1996 (and several times thereafter) with Robert expressing anger at the scene. Robert moved to Utah for a while and reformed the band there before, characteristically, abandoning the line-up and returning to California. In 2001, the band signed with War Hammer Records as well. In 2010, Sevared Records began compiling the band’s music on various samplers. The band was playing shows and had even opened for Entombed in Hollywood. Robert was working s a janitor.

Meat Shits was also known for issuing many demos and split singles. Robert dated and got engaged to Rumi Iwamoto, the Japanese editor of Gore Lunatic in 1992. Meat Shits was the subject of much censorship including from the South American label, Rotteness Records, which had the band change its cover artwork three times. Meat Shits also contended that said label, Wild Rags and even Moribund had ripped him off. Subsequently, Deathrage and Catatonic Existence (with whom Meat Shits had a split single) man Multidator formed Morbid Granny Records.


Interesting concepts with musically diverse and perverse lyrical points gloried with sickness brutal Meatshits Shit List sums it all up. Upon receiving this latest infection of melodies the group from Ceres, California makes its mark within the grindcore adding pornographic word imagery with industrial horror-like samples added to this deathly sound. Selective Inbreeding and She Never Says No are short song examples that are brief making the listener draw inward due to the content behind the music. Meatshits history goes back to the late 1980's more or less living in the shadow of Anal Cunt, but with a lower grade of shocking material draw upon senseless inspiration. With over 7 album releases and a few split EP's this band makes another attempt at offending the weak with Shit List. One of the highlights here with this album, just like the rest is the use of sampling mixed with the stylist use of porno death metal. Downside to this are short lived songs. The album, in its entirety, is too repetitive vocal-wise making the band name for what it is a bunch of MS. - Jussi


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