Human Errors - 1991 - 1 More Flop
Inner War - 1999 - Angular

S= MELANIE BOCK>>Sand Liquid, Step Into Liquid
G= Torment, Xandril, Entire Defeat, Unbroken Metal Project>>Jörg Schrör>>Nö Class, Gamma Ray, Unbroken Metal Project – Klaus Florian ‘Dirty’ Müller – Judgement, Drowning In Real>>STEFAN SPEIDEL>>Sand Liquid, Step Into Liquid
B= State Prisoners, Drowning In Real>>CHRISTIAN WULFF>>Sand Liquid, Step Into Liquid
D= Carsten Bachorz – ANDREAS DÜWEL>>Sand Liquid, Step Into Liquid

Megace was formed in the port of Hamburg in 1988 and presented a more complex form of power and thrash metal than the average band. The Sign Of The Ape demo was straightforward and featured drummer Alex and appeared in 1989. This Is The News followed in 1990. The band went into a legal dispute with its label following the album’s release until being free from its contract in 1993. The Pseudo Identity demo was issued in 1994. The second album – originally called Exuvie - was recorded in 1996 and 1997 and was made possible with help from Gamma Ray man Kai Hansen. In the meantime, Carsten and Klaus were let go due to musical differences.

The band hung up the gloves for good in September of 2001 when Jörg left the group. Jörg Schrör toured with Gamma Ray in the year 2000 during the Mexico visit sitting in for an injured Dirk Schlächter. The injured man had co-produced the band’s second album. Schrör is also a Gamma Ray (and other bands’) guitar technician.

The band’s name is short for Megestrol Acetate, a painkiller , hormonal therapy and appetite enhance for cancer, AIDS and other victims of maladies. Early bassist had Michael Müller picked the name.