Deathrash Metal Never Die!! – 2020 – Haunted House
Deathrash Metal Never Die!! 2 - 2020 – Haunted House
Deathrash Metal Never Die!!3 – 2020 – Haunted House

Mein Kampf image
S= Rosenfeld, Manipulated Slaves, Thread Worm, Misery, Aion>>HISAYOSHI HIRAGA>>Rosenfeld
G= X Japan>>KERRY [MASANORI TAKAHASHI]>>X Japan –The Day Of Revenge, Walk, Delight Slight>>KOUSHIRO>>The Day Of Revenge, Walk, Delight Slight
B= Aion, Virus, Rosenfeld>>DEAN [TATSUYA MIWA]>>Aion, Virus, Rosenfeld
D= Color, Jailbait>>TOSHI [TOSHINORI FUJIMOTO]>>Color, Jailbait

Named after Hitler’s autobiography (‘My War’) and using the Nazi title as a gimmick, the Osaka-based visual kei speed metal band came together in 1985. Ironically, the debut demo from 1985 contained a track called AK-47, a Russian machine gun. Noah and Mein Kampf had a split tape before the band issued a single called Speeder in 1985. The band split up in 1986, but a 2005 DVD was called D.B. Classica – Mein Kampf. It featured older footage of course.

The group reappeared briefly with singer Nov of Volcano and Aion in 2007 and disappeared until a reformation in 2018. 2020 brought several live albums. Original guitarist Ochiai and singer Fujisaki Kenichi were not part of the line-up.

The band wove mysterious elements and four bass drums into its presentation.



Mein Kampf