Kill To Survive - 1988 - Epic
Solitary Solitude - 1990 - Epic
Death Valley Dream - 1996 - Backstreet
Unfinished Business - 1999 - Independent
Barely Human - 2004 - Screaming Ferret
The Deep And Dreamless Sleep - 2006 - Screaming Ferret
Masquerade - 2009 - Screaming Ferret
Dead To The World - 2011 - Metal On Metal
Warrior – 2014 - Metal On Metal
Idol Hands – 2016 – Metal On Metal

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S= Mike Munro - Velveteen Playboys>>Paul Souza>>Velveteen Playboys - Mike Munro - Velveteen Playboys>>Paul Souza – Marc Lopes – PAUL SOUZA
G= Gang Green, Mexican Ape-Lord>>TONY NICHOLS>>Gang Green, Mexican Ape-Lord - Meliah Craze>>JIM KOURY
B= Jesse Johnson – Wargasm, Black Art>>Bob Mayo>>Robot Monster Army, The Filthounds - Jesse Johnson – Triphammer, JetFuel>>DARREN LOURIE>>JetFuel
D= Bad Karma>>Stuart Dowie - Dave Barcos - Strip Mind>>Sully Erna>>Godsmack - Wargasm, Madd Hunter>>Barry Spillberg - Bad Karma>>STUART DOWIE>>Bad Karma

Guitarist Anthony Nichols founded Meliah Rage, a Boston thrash metal band, in 1987. The band quickly issued a demo called ’87 Demo. The band obtained a major label deal with Epic after playing only eight shows, but predictably would lose it with the change in trends a couple of years later. Nichols had joined Gang Green for a tour and an album and that band’s manager had facilitated the major label signing. The group issued two albums and a live 1989 EP, called Live Kill, on the major label. Meliah Rage was on hiatus after 1992 only to make two more comebacks. Unfinished Business was issued independently. It was reissued in 2002 with new packaging. Meliah Rage was working on its next album, The Deep And Dreamless Sleep, in 2005. The album featured new singer Paul Souza. Meliah Rage’s The Deep And Dreamless Sleep was out through Screaming Ferret Wreckords on September 12th, 2006. The band was confirmed for Locobazooka! at the Tweeter Center For The Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA. on August 13th, 2006. The band also played shows with Metal Church. Paul Souza left Meliah Rage at the end of 2007 ostensibly because the singer could not commit to touring. He would return five months later. Three months after rejoining Paul Souza would again vacate the vocalist position and instead focus on Velveteen Playboys. Original singer Mike Munro was then back in the fold. The band was recording a new album. In 2010 with Munro back on vocals Meliah played with Anvil at the House Of Blues in Boston.

In 2011. Meliah Rage reunited with singer Paul Souza for the recording of a new full-length album as well as the recording of a cover song, Alice Cooper's Halo Of Flies, which was to appear on a remix of 2004's Barely Human, called Barely Human Remix. Meliah Rage now former frontman Mike Munro returned from Haiti where he assisted in the rebuilding effort. The Christian man was there as part of a group from Monadnock Bible Conference Center. Metal On Metal Records signed Meliah Rage in April of 2011. The band was completing its seventh studio album, entitled Dead To The World, which was due in July in time for the act’s first visit in 21 years to Europe.

Metal On Metal issued a new record in 2014. Marc Lopes was on vocals. Tony had broken his wrist in December 2013 and was out of action for a year. Hence, Idol Hands followed two years later. Paul Souza was back holding the microphone. Early 1990s’ bassist Clark Lush died in 2016. Former drummer Bruce R. Black followed in 2017.

Meliah Rage refers to the Meliah Native American tribe’s habit of taking narcotics prior to battle. Koury was previously in a band called Meliah Craze. Sully Erna would go on to front mallcore band Godsmack to riches and embarrassment.


Here is another of the '80s band to make a comeback of sorts. Meliah Rage was one of those power metal bands that actually had a short lived major label deal, but never really hung around after being dropped. Barely Human is their sixth release. The songs on this release are said to be intentionally not any different from their '80s sound and for the most part this is a raw power metal album. Invincible and Motor Psycho provide ample evidence that Meliah Rage is a band from another era. There are some exceptions however. Hell Song for example is where the band comes close to that dreaded mallcore sound. Ungodly, a song that builds up slowly eventually interchanging slow and faster riffs has similarities to Metallica. Rigid, on the other hand, is an above average instrumental that reminds one of Iron Maiden in its opening and some of its guitar play. Early pressings of Barely Human come with another full release, the Unfinished Business album which the band recorded in 1992 with Godsmack's Sully Erna on drums. The second CD also includes a radio interview where guitarist Anthony Nichols talks about the state of the band and the heavy metal scene in general. - Anna Tergel

With original vocalist Mike Munro back in the fold the decision has been made to re-release this 1996 album that featured him. The first thing that comes to mind when listening to the opener and title track is that this thrash metal was dated even in its original release date. However the title track is enjoyable metal. Stranger is more ordinary and forgettable. Media mixes some other influences with the thrash. Blacksmith shows Meliah Rage being late '80s thrash with a bit of crossover influences creeping in. Wear And Tear is more of the same. Madness And Poetry is more enjoyable and original. Crow is more straightforward speed and riffs. Posessing Judgement is late '80s material ala Megadeth. War Journal is hardcore-ish. Prideland is heavy and catchy. The Last Detail starts with march style drumming before drifting into something unexpected and experimental, it is an interesting instrumental to close this release. - Anna Tergel


Meliah Rage