The Wind-Up - 2006 - Dental

G= Johan Boqvist
B= Christian Öhberg

Hailing from Kristinehamn in South Central Sweden, Memfis was born in 2003 and issued a demo, called The Judgement, in 2004. Breathless was issued in 2005, thereafter came a self-titled 7” EP and a contract with Dental Records. The recording and release of the album was no root canal; however, as the record was out in 2006. Amazingly, the album hit the Swedish charts.

Johan Boqvist soon left. Daniel Grahn, formerly of Brimstone, replaced him. Christian Öhberg soon left as well. Shows with Satyricon and The Haunted were soon announced. The band played Sweden Rock in 2007. Sporadic shows continued into 2008. The band recorded a new album at Bohus Sound Studio (ABBA, Status Quo, E.S.T., Mustasch, Europe, etc.) in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was engineered and produced by Fredrik Reinedahl.


It is odd that the Candlelight Records’ promotional liner note calls this disc “advance material” seeing how the album is one year old. America is apparently as behind Europe as it has always been as The Wind Up by the Swedish newcomers has been out through Dental Records since September of 2006.
The eleven tracks are a curious delight. Crafting semi-progressive tunes played with semi-technical ability, the album is an original mixture of staccato heaviness, ambient power and diverse layering and arrangements. The music is generally bash-your-teeth-in crafty, but mixes in many different elements. The vocals similarly can be screamed, growled or spoken. A special mention of the drumming of Carl-Johan Lindblad might be needed here because he is all over the place and non-linear consistently, yet somehow does not upset the songs or the flow of things. That is amazing.
Memfis has been on the road with The Haunted, Satyricon and Entombed, which has mislead potential fans as much as the band’s name. One must note the recent departure of the band’s guitarist and bassist however before predicting a successful future for the band. With such an overhaul the follow-up to The Wind Up might as well be the band’s debut test all over. - Anna Tergel