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Theater Of Life - 2004 - Sound Riot

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S= Terje Harøy – Juicy Jane, Infernal Manes, Violent Power>>TJ COBRA [TRYGVE SOLHEIM]>>Infernal Manes, Violent Power
G= FRØDE HOVD – Kee Jason
D= Divided Multitude>>Olav Skei - ROBERT MYRHAUG
K= Maria Garli - STIAN RØDSJØ

This Norwegian band played the kind of fantasy metal the now-bankrupt Sound Riot really liked. The group settled on its name after going through a couple of monickers and being formed in 1999. The group’s founder was guitarist Kaare Jenssen. The band initially played covers of Helloween, Stratovarius and others. The 2002 demo Mirror Of Life featured three songs. The group became more alternative and even featured female vocals courtesy of its keyboardist before reverting to a heavier sound. The group played a show, where Europe headlined, performing '80s cover versions, The band’s debut album appeared in 2004 - the Norwegians had signed to the Sound Riot label in December of 2002 and were off the label in 2005 - following which 2007 brought a new demo CD called End Of Innocence. The debut had Luca Turilli's Olaf Hayer singing guest leads. Drummer Robert Myrhaug guested with Gaia Epicus in 2005. The band opened for UDO and Jorn in 2006.


Memorized Dreams' debut album Theater Of Life impresses me despite myself. The Norwegian newcomers - whose lyrical concepts and imagery hints at white metal - have produced a compact power/pomp metal album with good vocals, luscious melodies and a capable production. The band's use of keyboards is a certain liability, but the overall outcome is good enough to be palatable. The band is deliberately mid-paced with the singer often curiously slower than the music. Haloes And Wings is one of the better songs, Gates Of Heaven features excellent singing and backing vocals, Sea Of Oblivion is a ballad (does the singer actually say "little child in time..."??) and Neverland features a burst of flashy guitars. The bass guitar has a prominent role throughout the album. Followers of bands like Stratovarius and Requiem will find lots to like here. - Ali "The Metallian"


Memorized Dreams