Proclaiming Vengeance - 2001 - Death Vomit/Necropolis
Abyss Of Hypocrisy - 2004 - Displeased
Blemished Redemption - 2006 - Mutilation

S= C China [Cezar C. Meirelles] - ADRIANO MARTINI
G= Hateworks, Exterminate>>ADRIANO MARTINI>>Hateworks, Exterminate
B= Bestial>>C China [Cezar C. Meirelles]>>Bestial - Exterminate>>MARCELO FEIJO>>Exterminate
D= Krisiun>>Robles Dresch

Death metal thinkers Mental Horror formed in 1993 with a demo, Beyond The Premonitions, appearing two years later. The formative line-up would trickle out one by one only leaving Claudio Cardoso standing. With Adriano Martini in the band the Extreme Evolutive Trauma demo was released in 1998.

Then came a ritualistic 1999 split release with Queiron on Mutilation Records. The group was on the Brazilian Assault compilation of Relapse Records in 2000. Next came a US label and a record on Necropolis Records of California. This record was licensed to Displeased in Europe. For Blemished Redemption the band went back to Mutilation in Brazil, but had the album licensed to Animate Records in Germany.


Recorded in the summer of 2000, Proclaiming Vengeance was announced and due from Necropolis in the autumn of 2000. After a delay of over a year which has seen Necropolis holding the Brazilian trio's debut full length close to its chest, the powers at the record company have finally graced us with Proclaiming Vengeance. The weak sound aside (although it is not a minor point), listen to this and tell me delaying this album hasn't been a big mistake for Necropolis. This just shreds. The blood of 1,000 Gothenburg bands is spilt as Mental Horror unleashes death and anguish upon the weak. It might be a cliché to compare this trio to other Brazilian trios - especially since drummer Robles is ex-Krisiun but so be it. Mental Horror's particular ultra-fast death metal is a cross between Krisiun, the fast and superb soloing of Incubus, and Broken Hope vocally. The latter especially because singer C.China has reduced his high screams here. Then there is death metal's answer to Van Halen's Eruption on the four minute long axe extravaganza called Screams Of Tiamat. Let's not waste time reading reviews, shall we? Death metal fans have to sprint into their nearest underground metal outlet and get this now!


Mental Horror