Live At The Whiskey (Cathey De Grande) - 1983 - Mystic
You Axed For It - 1985 - Death/Metal Blade
Up The Dose - 1986 - Ever Rat
Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll - 1989 - Ever Rat
Rock Bible - 1990 - Ever Rat
To The Max - 1991 - Mentors
Houses Of The Horny - 1994 - Mentors
Live (Rape Rock Is Disgusting...And Popular!) - 2004 - Mystic
Over The Top - 2005 - Mentors
Ducefixion - 2009 - Mentors

Mentors image
S= The Screamers, Solo>>El Duce [Eldon Wayne Hoke]>>Solo, Courtney Killed Kurt - Northwest Breeders>>El Rapo - Marc “Maddog” Deleon
G= Jesters of Destiny>>SICKIE WIFEBEATER [ERIC CARLSON]>>Jesters of Destiny - Zippy B.>>Sheer Terror - Northwest Breeders>>SICKIE JUNIOR
B= Sickie Wifebeater [Eric Carlson] – Solo, The Church of El Duce>>Dr. Heathen Scum [Steve Broy]>>Solo, The Church of El Duce - Solo, The Church of El Duce>>DR. HEATHEN SCUM [STEVE BROY]>>Solo, The Church of El Duce
D= The Screamers>>El Duce [Eldon Wayne Hoke] – Defiant>>Moosedick [Clark Savage]

These teachers, instructors, guides and proctors were originally formed in Seattle in 1977 and fashionized black executioner hoods, S&M gear and axes as paraphernalia of rock and metal. The band was an early example of shock rock to the max. The musicians’ identities were a secret and were only revealed in subsequent years. A Dr. Heathen Scum continuously occupied the bassist position although the civil name and looks of the offending musicians seemed to change regularly. The Ramones had nothing on Mentors it seemed.

The group issued an EP called Trash Bag in 1982 following several demos. Live At The Whiskey (Cathey De Grande) was recorded at The Whiskey and at the Cathey. The band next signed with Metal Blade’s thrashcore sub-label, Death Records, and issued its classic records. Apparently, Malice guitarist Jay Reynolds had introduced Mentors to Metal Blade. The transition to a real label did not compromise the band’s approach, if anything the group continued the debauchery through songs like Golden Shower and My Erection Is Over. Up The Dose featured such classics as Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock and Secretary Hump. The cover featured the band all over a cage with a hapless groupie inside. El Duce would proudly remark in an interview that a fan would offer the band his girlfriend for gang anal sex backstage. El Duce was also seen outside the band’s gigs, or days after shows, in San Francisco panhandling.

Mentors’ next outing was a full-length stemming mostly from old '70s material. Revolting Cocks and Mentors toured together in 1989. The band disappeared record-wise for three years. 1990 brought a new record, Rock Bible, featuring bassist Dr. Heathen Scum. With songs like Chicks With Dicks and Sit On My Face And Squirm it was clear that the band is not about to tone it down. El Duce’ alcoholism was becoming a bigger issue and he had to occasionally relinquish the sticks of the drums. El Duce would claim that Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, had offered the Mentors’ singer $50,000 to kill her husband. El Duce would also announce a project band called Courtney Killed Kurt.

The group’s next record was really a demo. In any case, it marked the last official release with El Duce on vocals. The band continued issuing records following El Duce’ death, due to an intoxicated collision with a train in 1997, on its own Mentors imprint. Apparently, the death of the band’s main character was no reason to cease. Mentors was now mentoring again in Hollywood and had the renowned El Rapo on vocals. The band toured with Hammerhawk in 1998. The new reincarnation of The Mentors was touring Florida, USA in August 2001 with Kill Allen Wrench. Mentors announced an August 2002 tour of the US Midwest and East Coast. According to the band 'proceeds will go towards the Robert Blake Defense Fund.' Blake is the recently arrested Hollywood actor! MVD issued the band’s 2007 DVD El Duce Vida. The 2009 release, obviously named, even featured ol’ decomposing El Duce on vocals on Masturbation Illness. The band was planning on touring the USA with The Exalted Piledriver. The band released a new demo entitled The Illuminaughty in 2017. With former singer and drummer El Duce dead since 1997 the band now featured El Chapo on drums. To The Max "Live" also appeard in 2017. Elbow Deep and The Mentors had a split release through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in 2018. It was called Trash Party.

The famous line Four F Club ("Find Her, Feel Her, Fuck Her, Forget Her”) is a classic discussed worldwide at symposia, conventions, philosophy classes, anthropology books, sociology fora and, of course, feminist fat farms.

Northwest Breeders was a Seattle-based Mentors covers band. Mentors occasionally deemed themselves rape rock. El Duce’s side-project was called El Duce And The Sex Devils.