Mercy - 1984 - Fingerprint
Witchburner - 1985 - Fingerprint
King Doom - 1989 - Independent
Victory March - 2002 - Stormbringer
Underground - 2003 - TPL

Mercy image
S= Horoscope>>Andrija Veljaca - Rough Lizzards>>Eddie Messiah Marcolin>>Candlemass, Memento Mori, Stillborn - Rick Wine
G= Horoscope>>ANDRIJA ‘Witchking’ VELJACA - Magnus Klintö
B= Turbo>>Christian Karlsson - Tom Mitchell - Faith>>Roger Johansson
D= Turbo>>Paul Gustavsson>>Overheat - John Norell

Mercy was a Swedish NWOBHM doom band whose claim to fame was that it featured Messiah Marcolin (an Italian), later of Candlemass, at one point. The group was formed in 1980 and issued a demo in 1981. The band was lead by Andrija Veljaca (a yugoslav) and essentially became his solo band. Messiah actually joined on the full-length debut at the age of 16, which was inclined towards NWOBHM, but the band had a 1982 EP called Swedish Metal. The EP featured Christian Karlsson on bass and Paul Gustavsson on drums. The debut full-length presented Magnus Klintö on guitar as well. It was Messiah and Andrija with bassist Jorgen Horst for Witchburner, which took on a doom direction. At this stage Messiah began wearing inverted crosses on his face.

Nuclear War Now! issued a 2007 single of the band called Session 1981 which was previously on the TPL re-release of Swedish Metal and Mercy.

Andrija Veljaca had died in August of 2005 reportedly from cerebral haemorrhage. The man had songs in the can at the time.