Vanishing Wizards>>Merendine Atomiche>>Mantra>>MERENDINE ATOMICHE>>Merendine - ITALY

Walk Across Fire - 2003 - Deadsun
Raw - 2006 - Mausoleum
Rude Rebel Brotherhood - 2009 - Locomotive

G= David Bisson - LUCA SECURO

The Italian 'Atomic cakes were produced radioactively in Padova in northeastern Italy in 1995. The band featured five friends and schoolmates. The group called itself Vanishing Wizards before Merendine Atomiche, although the Mantra monicker was used for a short while.

A Demo was issued at the end of 1997/early 2008 and followed by The Holy Metal in 2000. The band recorded several Metallica cover versions in 1999 and played cover shows. The group signed with Deadsun Records, the fruits of which was 2003’s debut full-length Walk Across Fire. This disc featured guest appearances by Annihilator’s Jeff Waters and Konkhra’s Anders Lundemark. The group played at Metal Meltdown VI in New Jersey in 2004. Three years on and the band and Belgian label Mausoleum discovered each other for Raw featuring inside photos of McDonalds’ factory. Yet another three years later the band found Locomotive Records and producer Chris Caffery for album number three. This album was supported through a tour with Motörhead and separately with Doro. David Bisson left the group in the summer of 2010. He had been with the band since 1998. The band was in New Sin Studio at the end of 2010 working on a new album due in 2011, which would be a year ahead of schedule.

The group had actually shortened its name to Merendine!


By the time one gets to the little country ditty that ends Merendine Atomiche’s Raw, it is hardly a revelation that the Italians band likes everything and anything under the sun. The band’s sound and playing ability is not really in question, but including pop/rock, hard rock, mallcore, metal, Metallica and country on one album is like spreading dong and expecting people to like it. Judging by the album’s cover that might not be far removed from what the band intended.
Should Merendine Atomiche’s (whatever) intention be avoiding being pigeonholed then they have avoided being labelled at the expense of a good album. The band actually has a couple of things to say lyrically, but should strongly consider outsourcing the musical composition next time around! Raw is about as reliable as the Republicrats’ views on democracy or the Nazis love for the Jews. - Ali “The Metallian”


Merendine Atomiche