Metal Clone X -2012 - Avex
Louder Than Your Mother - 2014 - Avex

Metal Clone X image
S= Chthonic>>FREDDY LIM>>Chthonic
G= ALOHA, Hawaii, Deuce, Cacophony, Megadeth, Solo, Takamiy>>MARTY FRIEDMAN>>Solo, Takamiy
B= Solo, Canta, Daida Laida, Liv Moon, The Eye Scream, Jacks'N'Joker, Animetal>>Masaki Kurata>>Canta, Daida Laida, Liv Moon, Solo
D= Rosaryhill, Sun Of A Starve>>Kazuhito Saegusa>>Sun Of A Starve, Rosaryhill

Avex Group is one of the biggest entertainment companies in Japan. Avex Trax is its record label subsidiary catering mainly to pop and Jpop music. Amidst the cluster of cute bands lies Metal Clone X, which unsurprisingly was formed to play metal versions of songs originally performed by Japanese pop band Momoiro Clover Z before expanding its repertoire. Metal Clone X was issued in 2012. The band played Japan’s Loud park Festival in 2013. Louder Than Your Mother was released in 2014. The cover band features Marty Friedman of USA. Freddy Lim hails from Taiwan.

Saegusa and Masaki left in 2013. Drummer Chargeeeee... and bassist Omomo Toshiki (both also with Marty Friedman’s solo act) joined.



Metal Clone X